Amateur or a Professional DJ – Who You Gonna’ Call?

Amateur or a Professional DJ – Who You Gonna’ Call?

Authored by: Chris Perkins
December 24, 2017

Due to advancements in technology, apps and DJ software, nearly anyone can call themselves a professional DJ. But do you want just anyone spinning the tunes at your wedding? So, if you’re wondering if you should hire a professional DJ or settle for Spotify or a Craigslist enthusiast, consider the following:

1) You can count on a professional wedding DJ to be just that – professional.

Samantha and Jordan

Samantha and Jordan

We used Enduring Promises to design our ceremony and couldn’t be happier. Using the ceremony builder you can really make it your own. We received so many compliments about our beautiful and unique ceremony! Our officiant Belma did an amazing job and was such a pleasure to work with! I could not recommend this company enough!.

How to Bring Emotions Into Your Wedding Ceremony.

How to Bring Emotions Into Your Wedding Ceremony.

Authored by: Rinette Emerson
October 4, 2017

“The important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself.”                                                                                          Gore Vidal

Regardless of your planning and assurances from trusted friends and vendors, the morning of your wedding can be a little hectic! The photographers, videographers, wedding planner, event coordinator, bridesmaids, hair and makeup team all need your attention at some point.

How To Create Your Wedding Masterpiece

How To Create Your Wedding Masterpiece

Authored by: Olga Pankovaor
July 21, 2017

In the digital era of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest there are many ways to record the emotions of your wedding day. In addition to the professional photographers and videographers, there are drones, Go Pros, and photo-booths, and of course the photo contributions from every family member and guest present at your wedding.

K Pellerin Photography

Hi Jim Giles, 

It was nice meeting and working with you this past weekend. 

I appreciated that you always directed the attention on the couple - especially the bride - and giving me, as  the photographer, the opportunity to get the best photos of the couple.

Eyecontact Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with Jim from Enduring Promises over the years. It's so important to have the right Officiant at your ceremony, one that listens to your story and represents you two as a couple. It's also great to work with an Officiant who understands that the photos are important to the couple and he works with the couple and photographer to make sure that everyone is happy, which is so important on the day of your wedding.

Auspicious Melody

Though I have not actually worked at the same wedding as an officiant from Enduring Promises, I have come across them many times at different wedding shows, and I have always appreciated how friendly, supportive, and professional they are, both to prospective clients and to other wedding business vendors. I look forward to working with them one day, and have no doubt that the rave reviews they have received from other endorsements are absolutely true and authentic.

Eric Cheng Photography

He went extra miles to let us know the procession details, as well as stepping aside to make sure I had the best shots for the couple’s first kiss. I look forward to working with Jim and the team of Enduring Promises again in the future.