How to Choose Your Wedding Officiant

Promises, in the shape of a pretty ring on your finger…

Authored by: Annette Marchant

Congratulations, to you both, this is an exciting time in your life and we hope you’ve taken a moment to bask in the excitement—gushing with friends and family, making memories, soaking in the joy, sharing tender moments with each other, embracing the hope of the future!

But now, the wedding dreams have begun!

We’re guessing that’s why you find yourself here… how do you choose an Officiant for your wedding?

Enduring Promises can help, and we’re so glad you’ve found us, either by the internet ‘gods’, reviews, a referral from friends, or by happen-stance…

We offer a FREE, no-obligation consultation—so you can get to know us, and we can hear your vision for a perfect wedding day. We’re confident we’ll be able to help!

Then, it’s important to note, that it’s never too early to book with us…

We happily save your date and promise to be flexile. If things have to move around, plans change, or you know—a pandemic gets in the way, we will work with you so you have the perfect wedding day!

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Enduring Promises for our big day and we couldn’t recommend them enough.

We originally had planned for my husband’s father to marry us, however, when things fell through weeks before the wedding, Our Officiant worked with us quickly to find a plan to still have him included in the ceremony while making sure all the legalities were covered.

With his help and expertise, we were able to build a perfect ceremony that flowed beautifully and included everyone we wanted. He made the process fun and easy for us when we had no clue what we were doing. We are so thrilled with his service and how much thought and care he put into making sure we had everything just as we envisioned.

Thank you again, so much, for making our big day come together flawlessly!”

Megan S.

We strive to have you feel, like a family friend, is marrying you. We are a team of personable, highly trained, professional, detailed, knowledgeable, on-time, award-winning Officiants. 

It is our job to make your day as stress-free as possible, for your family and friends to enjoy the ceremony, and for you to be able to focus on each other. 

“We wanted someone who was friendly and charismatic to officiate our wedding. Enduring Promises knew exactly who to match us with.

With the first meeting, we knew that he was exactly who we wanted to marry us. He was so knowledgeable and more importantly, so dedicated to his couples! He shared with us, his suggestions, but opened it up for us to do exactly what we wanted.

He did both traditional and contemporary vows, as well as a cultural tradition for our families. Our guests and us laughed and cried throughout. It was perfect. Thank you so much Enduring Promises!”

—Vicky Y.

If we’re being honest, for us, it’s not about choosing the right Officiant, because each and every Officiant at Enduring Promises loves what they do. So essentially, we have the right Officiant for you to choose!

On your special day, we’re here to support you. It’s easy to know that you’re looking for someone who is professional, has experience, will show up early on the day of your wedding, and is kind—with a touch of humour.

Can we humblebrag…that’s us, here at Enduring Promises. 

“Our Officiant exceeded our expectations! On the day of our wedding, both my husband and I were a little nervous (more so—me) and he knew what to say to calm me down a little. I love how he personalized our ceremony and kept our guests entertained throughout.

The online ceremony console was very helpful and let us be fully involved in the process of what would be said. It was very easy to use!

As a company, Enduring Promises was very responsive and I am happy we chose them. There is a reason they are the top-rated company for Officiants. I would not hesitate to recommend Enduring Promises to anyone considering them.”

—Lynne R.

And you don’t have to believe us, though we do think we’re pretty reliable! As you are reading this we have 1100+ reviews (and counting) on Wedding Wire, EventSource and Google, every Officiant, with glowing reviews, because we truly love what we do. 

You will not be “just another wedding” with Enduring Promises, your day and celebration will be yours, we will support you, come alongside and make it a wonderful experience…

“It was a wonderful experience with Enduring Promises. Our Officiant made our special day even more special with her sweet words. The experience from the beginning to the end was just amazing!!!


As you are set to exchange rings and promises on your wedding day—we have our own promises to make to you…

We promise to make your day enduring in your memories, to bring all our professionalism, support, and kindness—it means that much to us! 

Choose Enduring Promises Now

 About the Author: Annette Marchant

Annette Marchant is a copywriter and homebody from Calgary. She writes—and is a happy contributor to this blog. Her love of words is fueled by black tea and a great set of headphones. Her home is filled with boys and one of them is an Officiant with Enduring Promises.