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 7 Hot Tips on What To Do After You’ve Attended a Wedding Show

Authored by: Annette Marchant
Sept 29 2021

You stopped to smell the roses, you rocked your 10,000 steps—and then some. You tasted, touched, oooh(ed), and awed over all the pretty things.

And OMG the dresses….., was there a dress that caught your eye? Close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine the luxurious fabric hugging your curves in all the right places, YOU are beautiful!

Tell me you didn’t have fun…

I see those stars in your eyes, the ideas are flowing, you’re in the planning groove now! 

So, where do you start? 

Enduring Promises has been to many a wedding show, spoken to thousands of brides and we have some hot tips to share with you…

Hot Tip #1

Our First Hot Tip may be a bit woo-woo but hear us out on this one…

You, as the Bride, had one thing on your list, that you went to the Wedding Show looking for. More than likely you found it—so it’s time to dig out that contact information and make an appointment—say Yes! Your wedding day is about you, your love, and following your ❤️.

Hot Tip #2

This hot tip, is an unofficial rule for every Bride, and it’s your “wild-card” pick—were you surprised by something at the show? Something you hadn’t thought about and it made you feel happy. Your wedding is your special day, but, a “wild-card” pick truly makes it uniquely you! Say Yes to it, whatever it is, because that’s how you create memories—enjoyed for years to come!

Flowers, photography, and food—Yes, Yes, and Yes! Get booking girl! 

Hot Tip #3

Flowers are an automatic Yes, but be realistic. You can save $$ putting bouquets together yourself, but instead of indulging in some self-care, laughing with your girls, and shedding a tear or two with family, you’re working on getting those flowers put together. Take a little stress out of your day, and say Yes to a florist!

Hot Tip #4

Great photography is a photo that caught and captured your attention. Did it inspire you, give you ideas, or was it fun, casual, and so you? Say Yes—to the photographer whose picture you can’t forget, it lets you know if you’re looking for formal, great candids, or a mix of both. You will remember and treasure your Wedding with photos!

Hot Tip #5

Food—need we say more? SO. MANY. OPTIONS! From formal options to informal food trucks. You usually have a preference. If you’re looking for informal did you watch that food truck vendor under the pressure of all those brides (at the show) handle all the requests *no sweat*? Book it!

Or, did you find a venue that also included a food option? Many great options out there, and again, follow your heart, because when it comes to flowers, photography, and food—you’ve got three big Yes(es) to hand out!

Hot tip #6

Psst, You can’t get married without an Officiant! Enduring Promises is an award-winning and trusted team of experienced and highly trained wedding Officiants. We hope you had a warm and friendly conversation with us at the show. Our greatest desire is to help you realize that your wedding ceremony is a beautiful part of your day, a very personal part of your day, and it can be a very made-for-you part of your day. 

It’s never too early to “save the date” with us, we’ll help you with ceremony options, choice of Officiant, and all the support we can offer. Say Yes to Enduring Promises—so you can have a perfect, personal, one-of-a-kind Wedding Ceremony!

“Enduring Promises made it incredibly easy to meet an officiant that we connected with, create a beautiful ceremony based on a huge variety of templates, easily customize what we wanted, and overall make the most important part of our wedding day amazing! Within a couple of days of meeting Enduring Promises, we had a few officiants to choose from that matched our personality (as a couple) and by the end of the week, we met with and confirmed our officiant. Our officiant was fantastic! He answered emails within an hour, consulted with us on our ceremony, came early, and performed a beautiful ceremony for us. I also loved the ease of online payments in only two installments. Amazing experience that I would recommend to all future couples!” —Kira S. on Wedding Wire

Hot Tip #7

Yes has a polar opposite—you guessed it—No! Freebies, flyers, samples, and all the discount codes you collected at the wedding show, sort through these. Get rid of those that will just add to your clutter. It’s ok to say no, you can’t do it all, stick to your vision and follow your heart. 

It’s decision time—don’t be indecisive, because really, no matter what happens your wedding day will be perfect. You’re there for each other, to celebrate your love surrounded by loved ones—these are the things that truly matter. 

At Enduring Promises, we understand that planning a wedding is huge. A once-in-a-lifetime event that you will stress over. But, if you say Yes to us, we can take all the stress out of your Wedding Ceremony, really…

We’re hoping that our Hot Tips will help you follow your heart, to plan, what feels like to you, a perfect day. And in the midst of all the planning maybe you should keep and use that spa discount code!

About the Author: Annette Marchant

Annette Marchant is a copywriter and homebody from Calgary. She writes—and is a happy contributor to this blog. Her love of words is fueled by black tea and a great set of headphones. Her home is filled with boys and one of them is an Officiant with Enduring Promises.