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Samantha & Jordan

How to Bring Emotions Into Your Wedding Ceremony.

Authored by: Rinette Emerson
October 4, 2017

“The important thing is not the object of love, but the emotion itself.” 
Gore Vidal

Regardless of your planning and assurances from trusted friends and vendors, the morning of your wedding can be a little hectic! The photographers, videographers, wedding planner, event coordinator, bridesmaids, hair and makeup team all need your attention at some point. Then there’s the family members who want to give you advice and hug you every chance they can. So when you start feeling a little stressed, take a few minutes to enjoy the realization that you’re getting married to your best friend and the person of your dreams.

One month after your wedding celebration few people, including the two of you, will be able to recall much of what was said during your ceremony. After all, can you remember what was said at the last wedding you attended? But years from now, some of your guests will be able to tell you how they felt during your wedding ceremony. So focus on creating a ceremony that will generate emotions that will be measured in smiles and cheers not frowns and yawns. And those emotions begin with you – the bride and groom.

Music, art, relationships and weddings all evoke different feelings. We go to movies, watch our favorite Netflix shows, read novels and attend concerts because we expect to be moved emotionally in some way. It’s these feelings that anchor major events in our lives. For example, I can’t remember a single thing that was said to me on my first day of school, but I do remember that both my mother and I cried. I also cried on my second day, but then again most of my class did as well! Nor do I remember the score of Super Bowl 38, but I do remember how I felt when “the wardrobe malfunctioned”. I also remember how I felt emotionally as I drove to the venue on my wedding day, but I must admit that I can’t remember my vows.

A personal wedding ceremony will gently incite a wide range of emotions from your guests. It’s these feelings that will form the bases from which the compliments and memories of your day will flow, indicating how much your guests enjoyed and were engaged in your ceremony. Therefore, it’s more than just all right to show some emotion on your wedding day, and hopefully a few tears of happiness, it’s a big part of the celebration. So focus on engaging your guests emotionally rather than stressing about the perfect wording – they won’t remember the words anyway!

There are many ways to emotionally draw guests into your wedding ceremony. Sometimes it’s by your choice of music, other times through meaningful readings by family members or friends or by adding a cultural or family tradition. There are so many ways in fact, that it’s impossible to list them all here. That’s where an experienced officiant can be a wealth of information. So don’t hesitate to ask him/her for suggestions that will help make your special day an emotional keepsake for you as well as your guests.

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