We understand and appreciate the challenges you face when planning your wedding celebration and making decisions about your wedding ceremony. Where to start, who can you trust to tell your love story and who can deliver the experience and memories you have envisioned? After all, your Special Day should be as unique as you are.

Enduring Promises is an award Winning and trusted team of experienced and highly trained wedding Officiants who are all licensed to officiate weddings. We are committed to assisting you create a wedding ceremony that incorporates your beliefs and values, celebrates you as a couple and is a reflection of your personalities. We not only have a passion for weddings, but for seeing marriages succeed and relationships that continue to flourish. We focus on prompt and regular communications from our first meeting to your wedding day, through to the filing of your application for your Marriage Certificate.

That’s why we provide extensive online resources and hands-on guidance that will help reduce the stress of creating your uniquely personalized and engaging wedding ceremony. So regardless of your long-held wants or last minute whims, why have a typical wedding ceremony when we can help create an wedding celebration with just the right amount of tears and laughter?

If you choose to have a friend or relative perform your ceremony we will coach your “Officiant of the Day”, so that they are fully prepared to deliver your ceremony in a style that resonates with you as a couple and meets all the legal requirements.

Cultural diversity is what makes Canada a unique and wonderful place to live. And flexibility with excellence is what sets Enduring Promises apart from the rest! We recognize that you may have unique cultural preferences for your special day and we will work with you to help you create a perfect ceremony that is reflective and respectful of those preferences.  We have Officiants who are bi-lingual and offer services in English, Cantonese, French and German.  Enduring Promises Officiants are the best in their field, they are passionate about what they do and experienced to help you.

Complete the Inquiry Form and let us help you tell your love story in a way that will create memories that will last a lifetime!

Working Together – Making a Difference

Corporate Responsibility is a broad-based movement that encourages organizations to take responsibility for the impact of their activities and services on clients, communities and the environment.

Enduring Promises believes that it is important not only to give back to the cities we’re part of, but also to support others around the world. Our commitment is motivated by our desire to make a tangible difference in others’ lives and to be a good corporate citizen and neighbour.

By supporting various charitable organizations, we have an opportunity to strengthen and enrich the quality of life in our communities.

We will continue to partner with charitable organizations that empower and inspire others to make a difference. We encourage all couples and friends to participate and get involved in their community – you truly can make a difference!


Community giving is future building.

We are dedicated to providing nutritious lunches and hope throughout the school year to children who need it most. But it’s more than just lunches. Our program helps to empower children, unite businesses and supporters through community engagement. By working together we help inspire and nurture our leaders of tomorrow by providing them with the tools and knowledge to help make a difference.