You + Me + Wedding = Wedding Shows in person!

Authored by: Annette Marchant
Aug 17, 2021

We have missed you! It’s been a crazy season but we are so glad we can rub shoulders with you again, ok, no… 

We’ll respectfully keep our distance but we would love to meet you at one of the many in-person shows coming soon! 

So come on, put on your comfy shoes—your feet will thank you! Bring someone who’s going to love this as much as you, and grab your pre-made labels with your contact info (you know, all the fabulous prizes—someone has to win ?) and we’ll see you there!

Close your eyes for a second, and see yourself sipping a drink, sampling mouth-watering cake, having fun with your bestie, dreaming, and hoping you’ll win your honeymoon or even your wedding!

Sounds like a great day out after being ‘in’ for so long…

For all things Wedding, we sure hope to see you at an in-person show. You will not only meet us, Enduring Promises, but all the top wedding professionals in one place. You belong here—you beautiful bride—you!

Ready for a little truth bomb? You can’t get married without an officiant. Eeps—I know!

Enduring Promises wants to be one of the first details you line up, not the last. That way we can get to know you (your story) and provide you the tools that will make your ceremony practically perfect! 

We have wedding packages for every couple. Your Ceremony, Your Way is our premier package with access to an online portal that provides you with the content you need to create your wedding ceremony, incorporating every detail that expresses your love.

And we’ll show you! Come and see our wedding portal, and the power at the tips of your fingers to create a personalized, unique, one of a kind wedding ceremony. We will guide you through the process of creating your ceremony with flexibility. 

“We had access to the online wedding portal (fabulous!), which helped us finalize our ceremony. The whole thing turned out beautifully and many guests told us afterwards how fantastic our Officiant was and how beautiful the ceremony was. I wasn’t really sure guests paid much attention to these things and was surprised at how many of them went out of their way to tell us how beautiful the ceremony was.”

Jennifer G. (Wedding Wire)


Once your ceremony is perfect, telling your story, we got it from there. You can leave it in our experienced, award-winning hands, reducing the stress of your wedding day.  

We are a group of Officiants that’s witnessed (over and over) that your wedding day is love and joy in its purest form and that’s the part we love the most as officiants! We do this for you!

“Enduring Promises made it incredibly easy to meet an Officiant that we connected with, create a beautiful ceremony based on a huge variety of templates, easily customize what we wanted, and overall make the most important part of our wedding day amazing! Our Officiant was fantastic! He answered emails within an hour, consulted with us on our ceremony, came early and performed a beautiful ceremony for us. Amazing experience that I would recommend to all future couples!”

Kira S. (Wedding Wire)


Wedding shows are fun and full of inspiration, where dreams are within reach, ideas grow legs, and your love is rightly celebrated. 

Planning a wedding is a special season in your life, because it’s more than a wedding—it’s a marriage! You’re making memories, changing your life, following your heart. 

At Enduring Promises, we love to help, celebrate, tell your story, and see you marry the one you love. Attending a wedding show makes your special day a reality…

Visit Enduring Promises at the Wedding Show!


About the Author: Annette Marchant

Annette Marchant is a copywriter and homebody from Calgary. She writes—and is a happy contributor to this blog. Her love of words is fueled by black tea and a great set of headphones. Her home is filled with boys and one of them is an Officiant with Enduring Promises.