Cannon in D. Really, that’s it?

Authored by: Brent Miller
March 19, 2015

We all enjoy music and we all love weddings.  So why do so many couples struggle with selecting the perfect songs for their ceremony?

A desire to choose music that is memorable, original, and meaningful to the couple, while having different tastes and genres, can be a daunting task rather than an enjoyable experience. That’s why so many couples opt out for the traditional selections you’ve heard over and over.

To help you avoid the same-old, same-old ear worm wedding songs, consider the following:

Dig up all your old playlists, CD’s and tapes (if you still have any) and find the albums/songs you have bought, downloaded, streamed or pirated over the years.  Seriously, only keep the music that you have both enjoyed.  The results will both surprise and delight you.

Popular soundtracks provide a wealth of amazing songs that you have forgotten over the years. Think back to the Gin Blossoms in Empire Records or Wonderful World from Hitch. Even more recent examples like, He’s Just Not That into You and Something Borrowed are filled with musical classics that just might be the perfect song for you. 

Another source of inspiration when choosing great ceremony music, is remembering the incredible concerts that the two of you have attended together. Remember that night when…

Live music may also be a consideration depending on budget and consensus. Professional musicians can perform classical versions of songs that might not otherwise seem appropriate.  When pianos and violins replace guitars and drums even the loudest rock becomes ceremony-friendly and parent approved. 

If you’re still struggling, why not make your mom happy?  If she is anything like my mom, she is dying to give you a suggestion, so just ask.  She probably has the perfect songs for you already – after all, she heard you sing them over and over and…. 

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About the Author: Brent Miller

Brent loves music, period!  He has been entertaining his entire life playing his first piano recital in his hometown of Calgary at the age of 5.  Now based in Toronto, Brent is grateful to be living his passion for music in the wedding/event industry, alongside his beautiful wife Sarah. You can follow Brent on LinkedIn or check out Brent Miller LIVE on YouTube at

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