Top 5 Wedding Planning Do-overs

Authored by: Rinette Emerson
September 9, 2016

Here are 5 of the top things that our couples said they would do differently on their Special Day – if they had the opportunity:

1) “When we began the planning process, we realized that we were going to get varying opinions and instructions, all well-intended, from family and friends. But we didn’t anticipate the extent of their “suggestions”. Despite our best efforts we ended up doing things on our wedding day that weren’t a reflection of our personalities so in our do-over we wouldn’t let other’s opinions influence our final decisions”. 

2) “We selected our DJ without closely checking his references or online reviews – and that was a big mistake. He totally misread the room and more of our guests sat than danced throughout our reception. If we were to do it again, we would seek referrals from friends, or our other vendors and search out online reviews and testimonials”.

3) “Our budget began to swell, so we scratched the idea of hiring a videographer and settled for a photographer who fit our budget rather than the one we felt would capture the emotions of the day. In a do-over we would direct more of our budget on hiring a professional photographer and a videographer”.

4) “When we look at our wedding photos it’s clear that our wedding party, and others involved in our wedding, had no idea where or how to stand during our ceremony. So we would definitely have a rehearsal in our re-do so that those involved would feel more comfortable in knowing what to expect as well as what is expected of them”.

5) “We knew our budget couldn’t handle a planner for the entire process nor did we necessarily want one. That said, we should have hired a day-of-coordinator so that we didn’t need to answer last minute questions from vendors or take calls from well-intended families and friends. We now realize that a designated professional to handle the last minute details, malfunctions and questions would be at the top of our do-over list”.

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About the Author: Rinette Emerson

Prior to Enduring Promises, Rinette worked with clients on strategic communications, online development programs, corporate branding and helping clients “get found” online. After officiating her first wedding, many years ago, Rinette was hooked – and now she is a sought after wedding Officiant. A little-known fact about Rinette…she is an amazing artist! You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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Meghan and Shawn

Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony you did for us. Throughout the entire day we were told over and over how amazing out ceremony was and how emotional & powerful it was. 
We personally loved the delivery you did. It was everything we hoped for and more. You were so amazing & everyone just loved you! 
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our marriage official and making such a beautiful memory for us to cherish forever.
Thank you again Dave for everything!!

Meghan and Shawn