Cheryl and Adam

Hello Ron

Adam and I wish to express our sincerest thanks and appreciation to you, as well as to Enduring Promises, for the kindness and attention you extended to us, not only on our wedding day, but in the weeks and months heading up to our wedding ceremony. We received so many compliments about our ceremony and youself – even 30 days after our big day!

We wanted you to know that you helped us feel relaxed, supported and confident before the ceremony began. Through the ceremony that you helped us create, we were able to convey to our guests how deep and special our love is. 

Some friends have asked us if we feel different now that we are married.  We definitely do!!! We have such a deep sense of peace inside now that we never thought possible. Adam says it’s like a having a long relaxing exhale after you’ve been holding your breath all your life.

Thanks again for being our wedding Officiant and for all that you did for us. We wish you all the best in the years to come.

Cheryl and Adam

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Alicia and Andrew

Hi Belma,

Thank you for your kind words and of course, for being an amazing part of our special day! I heard many compliments that our ceremony was “the most beautiful ceremony they’d ever been to” – which was a really touching compliment to us and should be to you too!

You definitely not only met but surpassed our expectations as our Officiant! Your calm and supportive demeanour was a much-welcomed addition to a naturally stressful and overwhelming day. Your approach to officiating our ceremony allowed us to focus on us as a couple, recognizing that the words we shared and exchanged were truly a declaration to one another. 

The Enduring Promises’ Console and online resources were amazing! We loved having so many options and enjoyed hand-picking a sentence or word here and there to better reflect our relationship and our feelings for one another!

Thank you also for your assistance with our Maid of Honour. She was so excited to have us get married and your encouragement to her meant a lot!

Enduring Promises was always quick to respond to any of my questions and their methodology to processing payments and ensuring the entire process was easy was very much appreciated!

Thank you again for making our special day such a memorable and joyous experience for us! 

I will be sure to share photos once they become available!

All the best,

Alicia and Andrew

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