Whose Team Are They On?

Authored by: Rinette Emerson
May 10, 2016

Between watching highlights of March Madness week and The Masters golf tournament, I’ve been thinking about individual sports vs. team sports, and what we can learn about a wedding ceremony by watching these different events.

Any way you look at it, a wedding day is a team sport – with each professional involved on your special day representing a player on your team.

We recognize that each professional has a distinct role and a unique part to play in your wedding, but they must all support one another. Unfortunately, some wedding professionals treat their individual contribution as the most important part of your celebration, without recognition or consideration of the other professionals involved.

Over the years we have all heard the saying, “S/he is not a team player” and that “There is no “I” in team”. In some circumstances both sayings can be applicable and appropriate. In the case of a wedding however, if all the professionals involved have an individual mindset and are not on Team Bride/Groom, individualism will negatively impact your day and is never conducive to achieving the overall goal. The goal of creating and capturing memories of a very special moment in time that will be remember fondly by all who celebrate with you.

Every member on your wedding team, be they photographer, officiant, musicians, etc. contributes their own part to your day. Some may be more visible than others, but in order to ‘win’, they must all remember that they are part of your team. So when you are creating your team ask yourself, “Whose team are they on?”

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About the Author: Rinette Emerson

Prior to Enduring Promises, Rinette worked with clients on strategic communications, online development programs, corporate branding and helping clients “get found” online. After officiating her first wedding, many years ago, Rinette was hooked – and now she is a sought after wedding Officiant. A little-known fact about Rinette…she is an amazing artist! You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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Mr and Mrs Young

We were married in May 2016 through Enduring Promises. Our Officiant absolutely exceeded our expectations! We met months prior and went over their easy to use template. This template let us control every aspect of the ceremony as well as what was said on the day of.

On our wedding day we were prepped in the most genuine and sincere manner before and throughout each part of the ceremony. Without question we would recommend Enduring Promises to anyone that values quality, professionalism, and a ceremony they can look back on with the fondest memories.

Thank you Enduring Promises and our amazing Officiant Belma Vardy 🙂

Mr & Mrs Young