Reduce the stress
$175.00 (+HST/GST)

We have never had a bride say that she regretted having a wedding rehearsal, but we have had many say that they regretted not having one.

You have spent so much time planning your Special Day, reduce the stress and confusion for both you and your wedding party by having a detailed run through of your ceremony at a rehearsal.

Your Wedding Officiant will facilitate up to a 75 minute wedding rehearsal with your entire wedding party at your venue location. We will rehearse all aspects of your wedding ceremony step-by-step to ensure that everyone knows what to do and what to expect.

What couples say about Enduring Promises….

My fiancee and I couldn’t decide if we should have a rehearsal or not. We had attended many weddings and were pretty sure that we knew what to do. However, after speaking with both our Officiant from Enduring Promises and our photographer, we were convinced that it would be a smart thing to do a rehearsal. And are we glad we did!

Our Officiant walked us, our wedding party, parents and anyone who was involved through every step of our ceremony. He pointed out many small things that we now notice in our photos. He took the time to involve our photographer at the rehearsal so that the photographer knew what was going to happen so that he would be in the right place for the best photo. 

Our rehrearsal removed so much of the stress on our wedding day by ensuring that we knew exactly what to do during our ceremony. The rehearsal was more than worth the fee, and we would strongly recommend one for most couples. Anne and George