Be the author of your ceremony
$485.00 (+HST)

  • One initial COMPLIMENTARY face-to-face, Zoom, Skype or phone meeting (if that’s more convenient for you) with the Officiant of your choice PRIOR to committing to book with Enduring Promises. We want you to get to know your officiant and we want to learn lots about you so that by the time your wedding day arrives you’ll feel like you are bring married by an old friend.
  • During this meeting we will listen to your vision for your ceremony and offer various suggestions and ideas to help reduce the stress as together we create your personalized ceremony. 
  • After booking with Enduring Promises you will receive access to extensive online resources through our wedding Console that will help you create the ceremony of your dreams.
  • Our trusted, highly trained and experienced wedding Officiants are available by email, text, phone or Skype to answer any questions and to help you create your unique and memorable ceremony.
  • We can offer suggestions regarding other vendors by providing a comprehensive list of wedding professionals (DJ’s, musicians, photographers, venues, florists, etc.) that we have worked with and highly recommend.

Photographer: Eric Cheng Photography

Your Officiant will arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony to review your ceremony with the other vendors (musicians, venue/event coordinator, wedding planner, wedding party, photographers, videographers as well as any readers and/or sponsors, etc.) to ensure that everyone knows what to expect and what is expected of them.

After your ceremony, your Officiant will complete and mail your marriage license to the Office of the Registrar General.

Long after your wedding ceremony has taken place, your wedding Officiant is available for ongoing support and encouragement in your marriage.

Ceremonies also available in Cantonese, French & German *
* availability may vary by market

An additional meeting: $100.00 (plus HST)

If you choose to meet with your Officiant a second time, s/he will meet two to three weeks prior to your wedding to review all aspects of your ceremony. However, should you choose to have a wedding rehearsal, a second meeting is unnecessary and we would not recommend having one.

What couples say about Enduring Promises…

Enduring Promises, as a company, and our Officiant were absolutely fabulous. They helped us creatre a ceremony that was perfect for us and something that we will never forget. The process leading up to the wedding was seamless. The online Console made creating our ceremony and writing our vow very easy and stressfree. We went through several iterations of our ceremony with our Officiant until we had it just the way we wanted it. On the wedding day, our Officiant was amazing – so calming and positive.

We were so thrilled with Enduring Promises that we have already recommended them to our friends getting married next year.
Kat and Peter  

Enduring Promises was amazing! Right from the initial meeting with the Officiant we chose,we got to learn a bit about him and how he got into officiating which was really nice as it made our meeting very personable. As he listened to our vision for our ceremony, our Officiant had great ideas on how we could engage our family members and guest into our ceremony – which were really great.

My husband and I loved the online Console and thought it was extremely helpful as we created our ceremony. We received the opportunity to view examples and cut and paste as well as add elements as we went along. We especially welcomed the opportunity to send our ceremony to our Officiant for his feedback. He would then inserted his comments and suggestions and email it back to us for our consideration. This process helped to make our ceremony even more memorable, personal and enjoyable for us as well as our guests. It also ensured that we didn’t leave anything out – super detailed!

If you have multiple things going on in your ceremony as well as a large wedding party it’s definitely worth having your officiant at the rehearsal.

Enduring Promises is really amazing, friendly, professional and ensured we had fun along the way! We recommend them to couples looking to create a very personal and special wedding ceremony.
Anita and Hussain