Zac Davy

A Little Bit About me ….

CONGRATULATIONS on taking the leap into forever together! Love is worth celebrating and I am thrilled and honoured at the thought of officiating your special day.

Picture this: A ceremony filled with meaningful laughs, tears of joy and heartfelt moments, all highlighting a love story that is uniquely yours.

I’m here to make your day everything you’ve ever dreamed of, and I will take diligent care to make your wedding day a vibrant and unforgettable celebration of your love!

My Personal Story ….

I was raised in London and now live in Sarnia, Ontario. I completed my secondary education in Portland, Oregon with an Associate’s Degree in Christian Humanities. I work for an international non-profit and am a certified Life Coach. I have travelled to 25 countries; just a few countries short of one for every year I’ve been alive! 

My Family ….

My wife and I fell in love on a dating site during the height of COVID and have been happily married since 2022. We love spending time together with our standard poodle Sgt. Pepper, our Bengal kitten Duma and our parrotlet Santiago. We are dedicated foodies, travellers, readers and jokesters.

My Life Experience ….

I have been employed with a non-profit for over a decade. I am a passionate and engaging communicator who works hard to make content relatable to all. My job has allowed me to travel internationally, speak at large events, and work closely with marginalized people’s groups and refugees. I am a leader, actively involved with my local communities, a certified Life Coach and always actively pursuing new growth opportunities.

My Interests & Passions ….

I love to discover new cultures through their cuisine.

I enjoy trying new restaurants out with my wife, Zoe.

I thrive when I am able to walk with people through whatever seasons life throws their way.

I love to learn and expand my understanding of various topics: technology, psychology and history.