Carolyn Denny Vazquez

A Little Bit About me ….

After officiating for 15 years, I still feel so excited for each new ceremony, knowing it is one of the greatest moments in a persons life. To see that the value of marriage is still appreciated brings joy to my heart. Some of my favorite moments have been witnessing the love of two people taken to the next level through marriage.

My Personal Story ….

I was born and raised in Canada and later moved to Mexico where I spent many years. The combination of these two cultures enriched my life. Becoming fluent in Spanish allowed me to really understand the Latin culture. This understanding, along with my interest in the human experience, brought me to working with couples and being part of their special day. Now upon my return to Canada, I am honored to be able to provide this unique experience to this part of the world.

My Family ….

Through marriage I came to know myself more and it gave me the opportunity to experience loving someone unconditionally. This continued with the births of my three sons. I am now blessed also with my first grandson. I believe family is one of the most precious gifts.

My Life Experience ….

After raising my sons, I graduated from a 3 year Theological Seminar. Although I have had the experience of working in different areas from Translator to Chef, to Sales, to Teaching and Public Speaking, I found my calling in life as a Wedding Officiant.

My Interests & Passions ….

I have always had a passion for human development and psychology, being able to find simple solutions to life’s complex challenges. Singing is also a passion of mine, it’s another way in which I can express freely. I also enjoy being close to nature, reading , and gourmet cooking.