Wonderful Experience!

Enduring Promises connected us with David Blow, who then officiated our wedding on June 4th, 2022. We are very happy with the experience we had with both Enduring Promises and David. David was extremely helpful and responsive during the entire process of planning the ceremony through the online Enduring Promises console (which was very easy to use and amazing!). He coached and supported us every step of the way. He also sent us reminders and encouraging messages leading up to the wedding day.

We did a rehearsal with David a couple days before our wedding. It was our first time meeting him in person and we were so pleased with how friendly and funny he was. He got along great with everyone! During the rehearsal David really put our minds at ease and got us more excited about the big day! He made us feel more comfortable and gave us pointers to better our ceremony.

Our wedding ceremony was just perfect. Seeing David’s familiar face on the day helped to calm our nerves. He brought a lot of life to the ceremony and our guests commented on how great he was too. He was quick to respond to unpredictable moments (like when the groom tried to kiss the bride too early) making the ceremony light and fun.

We highly recommend David and can’t picture our wedding day without him in it.

Thank you David and Enduring Promises!

Photographer Credit: Rosenlee Photography

Kim & Ronny
Married Jun 4/2022