As an officiant, Belma was fantastic. We had her lead our rehearsal which, in retrospect, was probably the wisest decision we could have made. At the rehearsal Belma brought everyone together onto the same page, and made us all (10 people in the wedding party, plus parents, siblings, and nephews) feel completely comfortable with what we had to do throughout the ceremony. By having her there, throughout everything, we both felt that we could relax and just enjoy ourselves and our day without having to worry about who was doing what; we knew that Belma would make sure everyone would be doing their part and be in the right place, and at the right time. 

Belma was wonderful during the ceremony. What with our nerves and excitement, we were both grateful that she was there to tell us to breathe, let us know what was coming next, and guide us through the entire process. We even had feedback from guests who told us that our officiant had a great personality, was really very warm and friendly, and made the ceremony smooth and enjoyable. So in that regard, she not only met, but completely exceeded our expectations. 

The online ceremony console made it very easy for us to be able to create our own ceremony. This was something that we valued very much, as we wanted to make sure that the ceremony reflected our personalities and values. It enabled us to easily edit what we wanted, and save what we had completed, then go back to it at a later date to change and finish things up. Again, Belma’s feedback while we went through the process was invaluable, as she helped point out things that we had missed. 

Enduring Promises was very easy to work with. We didn’t have a whole lot of interaction with the company itself, but when we did their responses were prompt and concise – just what we were looking for.

We definitely recommend Belma and Enduring Promises to any couple looking for an great officiant.

Jenny and Brian

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