Milena Zilitinkevitz

A Little Bit About me ….

Congratulations on your upcoming big day! I’m Milena and It will be my pleasure to be there for you on such a special day

My Personal Story ….

I come from a background of wedding planning and I know how important it is to have everything going smoothly, I LOVE reading and I am a hopeless romantic, that thinks that everyone has a soul mate. I currently live happily in Concord.

My Family ….

I am very close to my parents and my sister and also have a beautiful husky, we are very close to each other, family is everything.

My Life Experience ….

I come from event planning and I love weddings, the joy and the ambiance that surround someones special day, I have been in the industry over 7 years and I really loved it.

My Interests & Passions ….

I love to travel and read and spend time with my family

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