Fidan lsmayilova

…a little bit about me.

Congratulations on your engagement! Thank you for considering me to be your Wedding Officiant! It would be my true pleasure to be a part of your big day and I am sure that we will have lots of fun working together!

Personal Story

I was born and raised in Baku, capital of Azerbaijan. After completing my Bachelor and Master of Arts degrees in Baku, in 2006 I moved to Germany to do my second Masters in Business Management with the focus on Marketing and Project Management. While studying in Germany, I got a chance to travel in Europe a lot, which opened my eyes to a lot of different cultures, helped me to learn about their traditions and make new friends.

In August 2008 I moved to Canada for love (to be with my husband!) Canada became my new home, that’s where I built my family, gave birth to my kids, built a very successful business and implemented many of my dreams and goals. I am grateful for my journey and excited for what to come next!

My Family

I am a proud mom to two wonderful kids. My son is 14 years old and my daughter is 10!

I am a wife to an amazing, patient and loving husband and father to our kids, who supports me in everything I do, no matter how crazy my ideas might be!

My Life Experiences

I am also a certified wedding planner and a proud owner of my own Wedding & Event Planning company since 2010. We have a team of very talented wedding planners and designers, who work here in Canada and abroad. Weddings have been my passion since I was very young and only became a reality after I moved here to Canada in 2008. I love helping couples to bring their dreams into a reality and seeing happiness in their eyes on the wedding day!

I have been dreaming of becoming a licensed Officiant for the past 6 years, but never had the time to follow that dream. In 2022 I decided not to wait any longer and to do it here and now! Today I am a proud licensed Officiant, who would be happy to create your dream ceremony and to officiate it!

My Interests

Yoga has been my passion and a part of my life for a very long time. I’ve been practicing it for over 10 years and COVID times allowed me some free time to successfully complete the Yoga Teacher Training, which I always wanted to do. Yoga is something that keeps me balanced, relaxed and brings more inner peace into my hectic and a busy life!

I love travelling, learning about different cultures and different languages. Beside English (which is not my first language), I speak Russian, German and Spanish.

I love running and I ran my first ever half-marathon during COVID times!

I also really enjoy paddle boarding, which became my most recent passion for the past two summers.

I love Bubble Teas, Avocado, Pizza and Sushi 🙂

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Why Choose Enduring Promises?

What couples are saying

Me and my husband really recommend enduring promises. Our wedding officiant was Fidan Ismailova, she is really great professional in what she is doing. She gave us a lot of tips and advises to make our day even more special.
Yuliya & Volodymyrl

We were lucky to have Fidan officiate our wedding! She was more than our wedding officiant, she was like a family member guiding us through one of the most important days of our lives. She knew exactly the right questions to ask to help us prepare, making the whole process feel personalized and unique to us. Her professionalism shone through at every step, giving us complete peace of mind. Fidan was not just friendly and understanding; she was a pillar of support, adapting swiftly to last-minute changes with a smile. It felt like she genuinely cared, and it made all the difference on our special day. Choose Fidan if you want someone who will understand what you want and go above and beyond to deliver it.
Ali & Asli