Colin McCartney

A Little Bit About me ….

Special congratulations to you on your upcoming wedding. I have been married for over 32 years to Judith and it has been my greatest joy.  This is why I am excited to have the opportunity to participate in your special day.

My Personal Story ….

I was born and raised in Montreal and moved to Toronto as a teenager. Throughout my life, I have had a deep love for sports, exercise, and reading. As a young man, I became involved in not for profit industry and did a lot of work serving in under-resourced, urban neighborhoods with families in need. I just love helping people. Since then I have had the privilege to launch two non–profits, the present one being Connect City. I have traveled a lot as a speaker and trainer including spending time in a favella in Brazil, shanty towns in Mexico, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. I am also a published author of four books and a certified coach.  

My Family ….

When I was a young father, I nearly lost my life in a water accident. This transformative experience helped me to know what is truly important in life. Top of my list are my wife and kids. I love my family. I am a husband as well as a father to two amazing grown-up children.  Both kids received University scholarships in hockey and soccer!  We love spending time together as a family and enjoy vacations with friends and extended family. Best of all, I get to work alongside of my wife in our work together. She is the magic in my life that makes me a better person each and every day. 

My Life Experience ….

I have been involved in the not-for-profit sector for over 35 years. In that time, I have had the privilege to marry many couples. I even traveled to New Zealand to marry a couple there!!  I am very flexible in officiating weddings in accordance with the couple’s wishes. I have to say that my life has truly been enriched by the couples and their families that I have met over the years and have enjoyed the various traditions they have brought with them to the wedding ceremony. 

Why Choose Enduring Promises?

What couples are saying

Colin did a great job officiating our wedding. His relaxed and friendly style was so helpful in reducing our stress on such a busy day. Also, Colin incorporated changes to the ceremony that we wanted with ease, making the day very personal to us. We really enjoyed working with Colin and appreciated his help in getting out most important day to go very smoothly.
Ben & Haruka

Colin McCartney was AMAZING at our wedding. He has a worth about him that is very accepting of your personality and beliefs. He's non-judgemental and encourages you to honor the want you want your wedding to be. His personality is outgoing, charismatic and loving. Colin is a great communicator, a man of integrity, and loving. If you're looking for someone to officiate your wedding, he is the one!!
Keisha & Jordan

It was an honour to have Colin officiate our wedding and be a part of our special day. Colin provided us with a very professional service combined with his classic humour that we all know and love. We would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking for an officiant who will provide a natural, yet professional and personal experience.”’
Hollie and Brandon Charlebois