Brian Manuel

Life has a beautiful sense of adventure, it calls and beckons, is full of promise and excitement. Marriage is one of those beautiful adventures and you’re here because you’re ready!

All adventures have a great story! Your wedding ceremony should have a great one too, and I can help you tell your story. It’s not my story, your friends, or your family’s—it’s all yours!

I believe the ceremony is the most important part of your wedding; it should reflect your passions, personalities, and values. One of the great things about adventure stories is that they are memorable, and your wedding ceremony should be too!

I’ve been helping couples share their “adventure” stories for 26 years. My experience and your story will blend in the ceremony, a memorable experience for you and those you love.

My Story

I love the taste of adventure, I’m never quite done looking for the next one. It started right after high school when I left Newfoundland for the mainland—attending college in Ontario.

College brought me my greatest adventure and I married her after we graduated in 1987. We’ve been partners in this beautiful life for the last 36 years! 

Together, we have an adult daughter, and she is taking on her own adventure with poise and grace, pursuing her dreams. My Papa’s heart is proud!

My adventure would not be complete without the love of family and friends, engaging in my community, good food, and being a GrandPaw (best thing ever)! Other experiences like scuba diving, cycling, and zip-lining have added to my adventure—I purposely look for fun in everyday life!

How Can I Help?

I have enjoyed a variety of interesting careers from auto repairs to residential renovations and construction, all while officiating wedding ceremonies!

I welcome the opportunity to meet you, to hear your story, to help coach you through creating a ceremony that reflects your passions, experiences, promises, and values—all while remaining relaxed and having fun!

I can help reduce the stress of creating a ceremony that’s uniquely you, that tells your story, that shares your adventure…

Adventure stories are best when they are shared, remembered, and cherished. 

Let’s make your wedding a memorable adventure! 

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Why Choose Enduring Promises?

What couples are saying

We had such a hard time finding a wedding officiant for our wedding so we went online and started picking random companies. Some of the companies took too long to get back to us, so I went with the first one who did, Enduring Promises. They were quick to respond and very good at matching us up with the perfect officiant. Our officiant, Brian Manuel, met with us in a public place so that we felt secure and worry free about a stranger coming into our home. From our first meeting, we knew he was the one. He gave us so many options and Brian never tried to change our minds about how or what we should do. Brian communicated with us on a regular basis and was so supportive and encouraging that we felt like we had known him much longer than just one meeting. The wedding went off exactly the way we wanted it, short but very personal. Our guests even commented on how nice it was. Brian has a sense of humor that made us so relaxed during what could have been a very stressful time. Thank you Brian and Enduring Promises for making our dream wedding so special.

Helena and Dominic

If it wasn't for our officiant, our wedding would have been a disaster. Brian Manuel was the best, he offered his personal support and time to ensure our wedding ceremony was one to remember. I was over an hour late due to some unforeseen circumstances and rather than adding to the already unpleasant start to my day....Brian calm me with a reassuring smile and some simple words, “Don’t worry, things are fine, you look fabulous. Everything is alright." Even my husband and father can't stop gushing about how awesome Brian was. Thank you Enduring Promises and especially to you Brian.

Mauricia and Gadaffy

Brian Manuel from Enduring Promises officiated our wedding. He was fantastic both at the rehearsal and the wedding. He was professional, organized and friendly. Many guests commented on how much they enjoyed the ceremony. The online console was a perfect way to customize the content of the ceremony at our leisure while having lots of suggestions within the console to pull from. Brian was always easily available by email to answer our questions. Thank you Brian for being good such an important part of our wedding!

Marion and Grayson

Written word will do the experience little justice but I'll try nonetheless... Firstly, what a wonderful ceremony! Both my wife and I were absolutely thrilled with the process from inception to execution as the ultimate culmination of our love and joy. Our officiant, Brian Manuel, was incredibly thoughtful and helpful throughout. I'm telling you, this man has a wealth of experience that is invaluable for couples about to enter the next stage of their lives together. Not only did my wife Brianna and I feel this way but so too did our wedding party and guests - many of which came up to me afterwards and commented on the absolute beauty of our ceremony. From the very beginning, Brian was able to paint an exquisite picture for us. Drawing from his own experience, he offered us - without pushing - suggestions and thoughts. He was empathetic, calming, and able to stir in us further feelings of excitement and joy - I mean, this was our special day after all and he reiterated this throughout. He also gave us a lot to think about but never made us feel pressured into utilizing his services... but in all honesty? Brianna and I knew within moments of meeting him that we wanted Brian to be our officiant. It truly was the perfect decision. I cannot think of a single thing I'd do differently. Thank you, Brian! As a company, Enduring Promises offered us the use of their ceremony console which was straightforward and full of useful suggestions. It gave us a rough guideline from which we tailor made our own special vows. Honestly, it was a great tool and without it I think we'd have been feeling a little lost. Further to this, they responded within short order of my initial inquiry, offering their service in a polite and down to earth fashion. For any couples looking for a wedding officiant, I would HIGHLY recommend Enduring Promises, and in particular the services of our officiant Brian Manuel - to me, he is synonymous with care, quality, and thoughtfulness. Thank you, Brian, for being a big part of our big day

Craig and Brianna