Authored by: Brent Miller
December 22, 2016

You’ve booked the ideal venue, purchased the perfect dress and you’re about to marry your amazing partner. Selecting the music to complete your dream ceremony however, that’s both heart-stopping and unique, is proving to be more difficult than arranging the seating plan. So here are a few suggestions that will help you select music that will set the tone for the day and keep your guests engaged during your ceremony. 

You will need two pieces of music are for the processional – one for the attendants and one for the bride. While both songs are traditionally instrumental, the bride song should reflect her personality and her guests should be saying to themselves, “I should have known, that’s the perfect song for her”. A third song is used during the signing of the marriage license and should be one you both love – maybe one that holds a special place in your hearts. The final song, for the recessional, should be more energetic and upbeat to help create a celebratory atmosphere.

All too often couples search for the perfect song, rather than “their song”.  Sometimes the Muppets theme song or Etta James, “At Last” is most meaningful to you, your fiancée and your guests. Can you remember what was on the radio, in a movie, or perhaps a favourite album from a road-trip that you shared when you started dating or when he “popped the question”? Even if you can’t remember the specific music, it’s a way to relive wonderful memories that you two have shared over the years.

If you have hired professional musicians to perform at your wedding, most will be happy to take your song request and turn it into something unique and very personal.  Even the most random songs – like the theme from Super Mario Bros. or Star Wars can be transformed into a beautiful ceremony masterpiece by talented musicians.

However if you prefer pre-recorded music, there are unlimited options available.  Most popular songs have acoustic and string versions available online. A popular example is the Vitamin String Quartet who has covered just about every song under the sun and can be easily found through a Google or YouTube search.

The music doesn’t have to be unique, as long as you love it.  If the Bridal Chorus gets your heart beating and brings tears to your eyes, then it’s certainly the right choice for you.  But if it doesn’t reflect what you envision for your ceremony, it’s definitely not going to help create the amazing moment you’re hoping for.

If you chose a song that you recently heard at another wedding don’t worry. The only thing that matters is that you both love the songs you’ve selected and you’re going to be excited to hear it. After all, it’s your wedding so you get to make the final decisions!

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About the Author: Brent Miller

Brent loves music, period!  He has been entertaining his entire life playing his first piano recital in his hometown of Calgary at the age of 5.  Now based in Toronto, Brent is grateful to be living his passion for music in the wedding/event industry, alongside his beautiful wife Sarah. You can follow Brent on LinkedIn or check out Brent Miller LIVE on YouTube at

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