Rinette Emerson

A bit about me…

I am licensed to Officiant weddings in the province of Ontario,and would welcome the opportunity to participate in your wedding celebration.

My Personal Story:

I was raised in South Africa where I attended both elementary and high school.

I graduated from the University of South Africa in Cape Town with a Bachelors Degree in Education.

My Family:

I am married to my best friend and we have a grown daughter in Ottawa.

My life Experiences:

After graduating I worked as a primary-level school teacher in South Africa. I have travelled and worked in the UK and throughout Europe.

I have worked as a teacher, tutor and private instructor all over the world before settling in Canada where I met and married my husband.

I currently consult, develop and implement online marketing strategies for several corporations through various social media marketing channels.

My Interests and Passions:

Favourite interests: Reading, hiking and travelling.

Favourite thing to do: Spending time with my husband, and getting together with friends to paint.

Favourite music: Anything but “Gangsta rap”.

Favourite pastime: Attending local jazz festivals.

Favourite sport: Running


  Why Choose Enduring Promises?

What couples say about Rinette….

Rinette Emerson from Enduring Promises officiated our wedding ceremony in September 2014. Choosing Rinette was one of our best wedding decisions! She is absolutely amazing, helpful, extremely supportive and encouraging. There aren’t enough ways for us thank her for the role she played in our ceremony and in the planning beforehand.

Thanks to the online wedding console we were able to easily create and customize our ceremony to be exactly what we wanted. Rinette was kind enough to review the draft ceremony multiple times, adding her thoughts and seeking clarifications to make sure everything went smoothly. She suggested so many nice touches that made everything that much more special and perfect.

We strongly recommend doing a rehearsal with Rinette. Everybody at our rehearsal loved it – she made it fun, pleasant and gave everyone involved helpful tips. It meant that we could all enjoy the ceremony on the wedding day without worrying about what to do next. It also means our photographer was able to get better photos thanks to her tips on positioning, etc.

Our ceremony was perfect in every way and Rinette’s role cannot be understated. Her presentation, poise and professionalism…all perfect. Thank you Rinette for everything!

Lindsay and Andrew

Rinette Emerson was the Officiant for our wedding and we could not have been happier. She exceeded any and all expectations my husband and I had for an officiant. She is incredibly easy to work with, she made us laugh and feel comfortable throughout the entire process, especially during the ceremony. We have already received so many compliments and inquiries about Rinette. She has an air about her that is SO calming, which is exactly what you need on your Wedding day! I would strongly recommend Rinette to anyone!

Enduring Promises allows you to create your entire ceremony on an online console. It is so easy to use and incredibly convenient. They have SO many options to choose from but you can also edit any part of the ceremony at any time. You can send your ceremony updates to your officiant right from the website. I don’t know that it could ever be easier than that!

Enduring Promises as a whole is a fantastic company to work with. Whether you’re speaking with your officiant or anyone else, it is always a pleasant experience. They are very professional, flexible, and really help to relieve some of the wedding planning stress. I would most definitely recommend this company to others.

Samantha and Conner

We had the pleasure of having Rinette Emerson as our officiant and I couldn’t imagine a more warm, professional, thorough person to have been there for our wedding day.

I absolutely love the website Enduring Promises has created to help couples create their personalized ceremony details. They are quick to respond and the process they have created to help brides with this part of the wedding is flawless. Enduring Promises has truly exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to any bride.

A special thank you Rinette for your suggestions, tips and all your help!
Ivy and Sal