Jim Emerson and Enduring Promises delivered a high quality wedding that was custom catered for us, our family and friends, which included our own traditions(Dove Release). Jim not only knew about our cultural traditions but also had many suggestions to help make our ceremony more personal and memorable. Our ceremony was beyond our expectations.

Needless to say even with all the planning and organizing for a wedding, there are many things that can go wrong, but we were very pleased with Jim’s help leading the rehearsal and thoughtful ways of including our family in the ceremony – which was a big deal for all of our family members.

We also loved the Enduring Promises online Console. It let us create each step of our ceremony any time and saves it all online. The Console offers a wide variety of excellent choices to help put together what you really want in your ceremony. We believe this is the way of the future – being able to make your wedding “your own”. For us that was very special as we had an outdoor wedding the way we wanted it – without the extra elements that really didn’t mean much to us.

We were more then pleased with Enduring Promises and Jim and would highly recommend them to any couple interested in hiring a professional wedding Officiant and much more. Thanks again! 

Attila and Donna