Dear Jim, 

Hildo and I wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for your time, efforts and interest in our ceremony. Out of all the aspects of it, I truly felt I received the most value from you and your support. It was not the flowers, the dress, the dinner or even the music… (That was a second best, however)….It was your sincere input and continual guidance that truly made our entire ceremony something so meaningful for us. That is the main point anyway!  

We appreciated all your organizational support in directing our guests before and after! Boy, without you I don’t know what could have happened. And it is indeed funny how things work out as I never thought I would be holding up the ceremony and starting at almost 5 p.m.! 

We really cannot say more….and words do not seem sufficient. So please accept this as our sincere appreciation of you and your services.

Let us keep in touch, Jim…for we found a friend in you as well and a very good guide along our journey.

Heather and Hildo

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