Patricia Russell

…a little bit about me.

Love and commitment have been the glue that has held my 34-year marriage growing. Our wedding was a musical love story and it is my wish that others experience lots of love and laughter on your special day.

Personal Story

As an immigrant from England, I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario, and have lived in the beautiful rural parts of the GTA for the last nine years. Fun fact my husband heard my voice and made it his mission to meet me. I am a “Foodie” and enjoy cooking international cuisine and anything Thai.

My Family

We have two adult children and I have an overwhelming adoration for my daughter’s yorkiepoo, Lucy. Our family on both sides are creatives in music, writing, dance, and all things Marvel (and yes, some DC). My husband and I laugh about the fact that we’ve lived through all of our vows, and this has made our family stronger.

My Life Experiences

I am a certified life coach, ordained minister, speaker, and author, and have worked in both the corporate and healthcare sectors for many years. I have traveled internationally speaking and singing at various events.

My Interests

I enjoy long walks outdoors, and watching basketball and track and field events.
I enjoy music, reading, board games and entertaining,