David Blow

A little about me…

Congratulations on your recent engagement and your upcoming wedding celebration. I am licensed to Officiate weddings in Ontario and would welcome the opportunity to participate in your wedding celebration.

My Personal Story:

I was raised in the Richmond Hill area where I attended both Elementary, and High School. I graduated from University in 1977 with a degree in Political Science and returned to complete a Master’s degree in 2007..

My Family:

I have been married to my wife for 42 years and have two grown children living in the GTA. We also have three very active grandchildren.

My Life Experiences:

My life has been an interesting journey of twists and turns, ups and downs. I work with a non-profit agency that assists those leaving prison to integrate back into the community.

I am an active public speaker on a variety of social justice issues and teach at various Colleges around Southern Ontario.

My Interests and Passions:

Favourite sports: I have a keen interest in most sports – especially football and golf. I also enjoy time at the gym, sometimes I even work out.
At present I am rediscovering the fine art of road hockey with my 11 year old grandson.  He lets me win sometimes, for which I am grateful.

Favorite interests: I appreciate spending time with people, and listening to their stories.

Favorite thing to do: Enjoy time with family and my Golden Retriever, Hope.  She is an active listener, especially on walks.  I also love spending time with our Chocolate Lab Grand-dog Wyatt.

Favorite music: I appreciate all genres of music but mostly classic vinyl.

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What couples are saying

Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony you did for us. Throughout the entire day we were told over and over how amazing out ceremony was and how emotional & powerful it was. We personally loved the delivery you did. It was everything we hoped for and more. You were so amazing & everyone just loved you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our marriage official and making such a beautiful memory for us to cherish forever. Thank you again Dave for everything!!
Meaghan & Shawn

We have a very diverse background and are not religious people but we do believe in faith, family and togetherness. David helped us create a beautiful wedding ceremony that incorporated our backgrounds and our values. We were able to personalize a ceremony that was inter-religious, unique and very memorable. David was there for us whenever we needed him.
Morgan and Micah/b>

David worked closely with us to create a ceremony that was personal and meaningful. And with his calm and confident demeanour, he put us at ease on the day itself, when our emotions were at their peak. David’s words were inspirational to us as a couple and to our guests. David took the time to get to know us and it showed in our very personal ceremony. Thank you David.
Judy and Gord

David was able to help us create a beautiful personalized wedding ceremony. My husband and I didn’t want a long traditional ceremony and David respected that. It didn’t take him long to find out that we enjoy a good laugh and our ceremony was tailored to be a relection of that. Friends and family have told us it was one of the most personalwedding ceremonies they had ever attended. We laughed, we cried, we loved!! Thanks again David.
Ashleigh and Drew

We had the exceptional honour of having Dave Blow officiate at our wedding. Dave’s kind nature, compassionate spirit and overall sensitivity went along way to ensure that our ceremony was a memorable and joyous event. He took the time to meet with us, in order to get to know us as a coupleas well as to discuss the plans and wishes for our special day. Dave then helped us prepared a ceremony filled with insights that truly reflected, ourrelationship, love, faith and commitment to one another. We highly recommend Dave and the services he provides.
Melanie and Paul

Steph and I wanted a personal and unique wedding ceremony, and when we were done David helped us create exactly what we were hoping for. Our entire ceremony, especially our vows, reflected our personalities and dreams. Our families and friends kept saying how much they enjoyed our ceremony and how it was truly representative of us as individuals and us as a couple. We highly recommend David, for a personalized wedding ceremony that will be remembered forever. Thanks David.
Stephanie and Scott