Craig Canning

…a little bit about me.

Let me start off by saying “Congratulations on your engagement”.
What a beautiful step in your adventure together and a wonderful declaration of your love and commitment to one another.
And now … the wonderful journey into marriage!
I’m sure it will be an incredible day of celebration, and I would be honoured to be a part of that celebration with you.

Personal Story

I was born on the east coast but from the age of three was raised in the Oshawa/GTA area.
I was involved in music from a very young age, playing in a Christian band with my two older brothers for a number of years.
In business, I worked my way up the corporate ladder to become a plant manager of a large uniform company in Oakville. But for the last 21 years, I’ve been in the not-for-profit sector; writing, producing and directing large scale dramas for a 2500 seat auditorium, and overseeing concerts, conferences and community events.

My Family

I am father to 2 incredible sons … one is a Pastor in the Oshawa area, and the other is a nurse practitioner in Toronto. I have two beautiful grandchildren … a six year old granddaughter (going on twelve! LOL), and a four year old grandson. And yes, it’s true what they say about the joy of a grandparents strategy …”Spoil them and give them back!”

My Life Experiences

I’ve spent a number of years of my life focusing on music and travelling.
And I’ve succeeded in the business world, and the creative and dramatic arts field.
Now, in a brand new season of my life, I look forward to connecting with new friends, and sharing wonderful memories of a very special day in their lives.

My Interests

I love movies! Lots and lots of movies !!!
I guess that’s what sparks the dramatic fire for writing scripts and directing plays.
I play tennis three time a week, and enjoy golf as well.
And four years ago I got my motorcycle license … yep, I’m a biker dude!
But more than that … I love people …connecting, sharing and doing life with people!!!

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