Carlos Montoya

A Little Bit About Me…

WooHoo! You’re getting married! Congratulations.

I am bilingual in English and Spanish. I can officiate your wedding in English (with a sexy Latino accent) and Spanish.

Fun Fact: I had a survival job as a Kids’ Superhero party entertainer in college. I remember this party; it was my first or second party as a superhero. I was Captain America. Kids are having a blast, I am doing games, everybody is having fun, and then a kid raised his hand and asked, “Hey, Captain American, are you Mexican? ha ha ha ha

I have worked on my accent since then, but it is still there, and I am super proud of it.

My Personal Story…

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and emigrated to Canada in 2011. 

I came to this country as an international student, did a Master’s in International Business Management, and currently work in the insurance industry, but my true passion lies in making moments memorable. Keep reading; you are going to know where this passion comes from.

My Family…

I am a father of 3 and married to the most amazing woman. Nena (my wife) and I recently celebrated 20 years together. Easy to say, not easy to do, but incredibly worthy!

When you have a bad day at work, and you get home and surrender yourself to your partner’s hug, right there, that feeling is all that matters to me, and I wish you the same and more in your married life.

My Life Experience…

My passion: I’ve been working in the wedding entertainment industry for the last 15 years as a Master of Ceremony, lead entertainer and dancer; this experience has given me a superpower. I know how to influence an audience and make your Wedding Celebration even more memorable. 

Thanks for checking my profile. It will be a privilege to be your Wedding Officiant.


  • I love the outdoors and enjoy nature. 
  • Public speaking.
  • I love dancing salsa and merengue. Actually, I used to teach Zumba classes. #BestZumbaInstructor 🙂
  • I enjoy running and cardio exercise.
  • I am a movie lover. We have family movie nights every week at home.
  • And what I enjoy the most is laughing with my kids until my stomach hurts 🙂

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