Authored by: Rinette Emerson
December 14, 2012

Unexpected wedding guests are not uncommon. A few “unfamiliar” faces at your ceremony aren’t a big deal, but unwanted guests (an ex or psychotic aunt) at your reception are another story.

To help avoid any confusion as to who is invited, write the names of the guests on your invitations rather than inviting “The Smith Family”. Otherwise, “The Smiths” may think that their children and their children’s dates are invited.

If you do have a few unexpected guests show up, here are a few suggestions which may come in handy:

1)    The most polite thing you can do is ask your venue to set additional place settings and prepare extra entrees for the unexpected guests. If this just isn’t possible, ask the guests to return after the meal to enjoy the dancing. 

2)    Ask a family member to keep an eye open for anyone they don’t recognize. If they are not sure, ask him to check with you, your spouse and both sets of parents to see if the guest is truly invited.

3)    If the guest is unwanted, let someone else -Best Man, Wedding Planner, Security or Venue Manager – handle the situation. Don’t hesitate to remove unwanted guests from your reception, as they may have one-to-many and become unruly.

4)    If you are afraid you will have a “wedding crasher”, hire security and give him a photo of anyone you suspect my attempt to cause a scene.

Getting upset only ruins your wedding day, so don’t show any irritation or anger at the situation – take a deep breath, smile and be gracious. Remember, you have waited a long time for this day, so don’t let an unexpected guest take away from your celebration.

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