Authored by: Jim Emerson
November 25, 2011

You are off on a destination wedding, but unfortunately many of your family and friends can’t join you. To address this, an increasing number of couples who want to share their special moment, are choosing to stream their ceremony online to anywhere in the world.  

Your wedding ceremony can be streamed live to anyone (pc, mac, mobile devices, Internet connected tv’s, etc.) as long as they have an Internet connection. More and more venues and wedding professionals are making webcams readily available for the specific purpose of live streaming your wedding ceremony.  Once you authorize the use of the webcam, you’re ready to go. This is definitely the easiest option, but not very helpful if your venue doesn’t offer this service or your budget has already been stretched to its limit.

You can ask one of your techno-savvy friends to “direct” your online ceremony. Just as you might have a friend videotape your wedding. Ask a friend to stream it via a webcam. But for a truly successful and enjoyable live stream, you need to consider all of the components – not just the equipment.  For example, viewers in Asia or India watching a live stream should enjoy the same experience as those guests present in the room. So what happens if “a guest” is having trouble viewing the webcast – do you really want these viewers to contact you during the ceremony?

For online streaming to work successfully you need to do your homework and have all the pieces of the puzzle in place before you “go live”. But yes, you can live stream your ceremony to family and friends back home and an increasing number of couples are seamlessly merging modern technology with wedding tradition. There is lots of information and companies available on the Internet to help you with your decision.

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