Authored by: Kelly Peister
February 17, 2014

As budget is always a factor when it comes to a wedding, many couples are considering making their own wine, versus buying a commercially distributed product, as a way of significantly reducing their alcohol bill.

If you are considering providing your guests with your own, there are some things you should think about, more than just the financial benefits, after all, serving your own wine can reduce the cost of “the grape” by 35%.

Your first and foremost consideration should be the taste of the wine you are going to serve your family and best friends.  In essence, you get what you pay for, either with wine that you make or wine bought through a commercial outlet. So if you choose the cheapest wine kit you can find, you may end up with something whose quality doesn’t match your celebration.

There is a wide variety of wines available to serve your guests, so you need to decide which ones will appeal to the greatest number – red, white, sweet or a selection of all the above. It’s usually safe to take a middle-of-the-road approach when it comes to flavours, fragrance, and body and stay away from the “bold and brassy”.

Customized wine labels and bottles allow the freedom to uncork your personalities while capturing the attention of your guests and introducing the brand. A few things to consider when selecting your label material are the type of printer being used, the type of bottle it will be applied to, the design and whether the labels are conducive to refrigeration or ice buckets.

Another benefit to making your own wine is to gift bottles to your guests as a thank you for their participation in your celebration. Any remaining bottles can also be enjoyed at other events such as bridal showers, birthdays and anniversaries.

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About the Author: Kelly Peister

Kelly has been a devoted wine maker for years and is the owner Wine Kitz in Waterloo. Through her passion, Kelly developed a desire to educate people to the world of wine making. Kelly is committed to making your wine making experience an exciting, educational and rewarding process. She loves to combine her passion for wine making with her love of cooking.

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