Authored by: Rinette Emerson
June 28, 2012

All your wedding arrangements have fallen into place and you’re feeling pretty good about things.  Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on the ceremony itself and you realize that you need help with the “flow” of your ceremony – you realize that you need a wedding rehearsal.

Some things to consider when planning your rehearsal:

Limit the “background noise”. When it comes to a wedding rehearsal, things can get messy. Either too many people want to offer their opinion, or some don’t pay attention to their role, or some simply forget and don’t show up at all. To simplify and increase the effectiveness of your rehearsal, the only people that should be involved are those who will “be touching” your ceremony.  If too many people get involved, as is often the case, your rehearsal will create more stress than it will resolve.

Book the rehearsal. At the time that you book your venue, reserve your rehearsal date and time. If you are having a Saturday wedding, try to reserve Thursday night for your rehearsal as you want to leave Friday evening free to just “chill”. 

Plan for the little onesKids are great and can add so much to the wedding ceremony, but remember, these little ones don’t realize that it is not “their day” and can get cranky and tired pretty quickly. It’s important to walk them through what they need to do, but make sure mom or dad are close by to handle any temper tantrums.

Keep a balance between fun and work.  Remember that this is the practice run for your big day so you want to keep your rehearsal fun. That said, you also need to cover the logistics so that your wedding party feels comfortable and confident of their role on the wedding day.

Involve your Wedding Officiant in your rehearsal. It makes little sense to establish a game plan for your wedding day and not include the coach. So if you decide to have a rehearsal, make sure to check that your Wedding Officiant is available. Their experience will bring structure and ideas to the rehearsal and will relieve some of the pre-wedding stress and concerns.  

Remember, the smoother the rehearsal goes, the easier and more relaxed you and your wedding party will be on the wedding day.

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About the Author: Rinette Emerson

Prior to Enduring Promises, Rinette worked with clients on strategic communications, online development programs, corporate branding and helping clients “get found” online. After officiating her first wedding, many years ago, Rinette was hooked – and now she is a sought after wedding Officiant. A little-known fact about Rinette…she is an amazing artist! You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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