Authored by: Chantal Benoit
April 11, 2017

Once you have cleaned and stored your dress and written the last thank you note, your wedding photos are a reminder of the love you felt from those who celebrated with you on your wedding day. 

When researching ideas for their wedding, many brides use Pinterest as their source of inspiration. Is this the best way to start, or should you trust the professional you have hired to capture the events of the day – your photographer? The right photographer, with a solid and varied background of nuptial experiences, will capture and preserve the memories, emotions and fun of your wedding day – forever! After all, that one perfect photo can instantly help you recall the happiest day of your life.

So, here’s a few things to consider when choosing the perfect photographer for your wedding:

Do Your Homework
Think of which photographic style best fits and captures the nature of your relationship and lifestyle, then start your search by reading online reviews posted on marketplace sites. Third party reviews will save you time and possibly a lot of frustration. Once you have narrowed your list of potential photographers check out their website to view galleries of real weddings they’ve shot. When reviewing a photographer’s work, look for the key moments not just of the couple who got married, but also of the smiling faces of their friends. This will give you some idea of the photographer’s style and creativity and a better idea of what your complete wedding album might look like. You also might want to check out their social postings on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

It’s important to find out what’s included in the package you choose, plus the fee for any extras you may want. Your contract should clearly define how many hours of coverage are included, who will be your photographer and how many photographers will be present. While packages can vary dramatically it’s usually better to pay for more coverage if there’s a chance you’ll run over. After all, you don’t want your photographer leaving before your first dance!

Trust Your Photographer

When you hire a professional photographer, you’re hiring him/her for their creativity and their ability to interpret stories – so let them tell your love story. Trust them – really trust them to create and document the story of your wedding. Your photographer will capture those cherished moments in time that only a few people witness, so take risks with them and let them have some creative control! If your photographer suggests a pose or stance, it’s because they know you, they know what makes up an awesome shot, and they know you will love the experience and the finished product – and isn’t that the reason you chose them in the first place?

Your wedding is a day to celebrate with family and friends. So, relax, enjoy your Special Day and smile – your photographer will do the rest. If you do that, then both your heart and photo album will be full of glorious memories – and may end up on several Pinterest boards! 

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About the Author: Chantal Benoit

Chantal loves cats and shoes…and just happens to be an extremely creative and professional wedding photographer with over 20 years of experience. Chantal’s work has been featured in Twobrightlights Editor’s Choice Awards, The Knot and Ottawa Wedding Magazine to name just a few, Chantal’s passion is to capture and preserve wedding memories and emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime. View more of Chantal’s photos online

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