Authored by: Jim Emerson
January 31, 2012

If you have ever planned an event, be it corporate or personal, you know that the best laid plans don’t always come together as anticipated. So to increase the enjoyment of planning your wedding celebration, to reduce the level of stress as your Special Day approaches, and to avoid the “Oh No’s” of planning your wedding, consider the following as you navigate through the process:

  • Before formalizing specific plans, decide on your priorities as well as your areas of compromise. This will help in establishing a budget and assist in communicating your desires with your family and wedding vendors. This will ultimately save you time, stress and money. 
  • Your wedding is the most important day of your life and as such it should be a reflection of your love, hopes and dreams. So as you plan your wedding ceremony let your individual personalities take centre stage. Take the time and effort to ensure that your personalities show through the music, readings and vows so that your wedding ceremony will be unique and memorable for yourselves as well as for your guests. 
  • Establish, and stick to a realistic budget including all the little costs associated with the wedding (e.g. delivery, setup and take-down costs, cake cutting fees, marriage license, gratuities, gown cleaning and preservation etc.). Oh ya, don’t forget to include the sales tax. 
  • Check and re-check your guest list seeking input from family members. Know whose opinion counts because sometimes their opinion impacts the direction of your wedding. This ensures there won’t be any “surprise” guests that may swell your budget and possibly limit your venue choice. Remember that as your guest list grows, so does your budget so keep a level head and separate fantasy from your reality. 
  • Don’t make any assumptions regarding your vendors. Obtain and review your supplier’s written contract outlining the services to be provided, any additional costs which may be incurred as well as any mistakes or areas of misunderstanding. After all, there is only one thing more dangerous than a vague contract and that’s no contract at all! So before your Special Day arrives, know everything that is to be provided by each vendor and what your final cost will be.

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