As the wedding planning process begins, some time-honoured wedding traditions are being replaced in favour of more modern ones. For example, the bouquet/garter toss, the receiving line, white dress, church wedding, matching bridesmaids’ dresses, and not seeing the bride before the ceremony are a few dated traditions that are dying a quick death. They are being replaced with an emphasis on guest engagement and the use of online apps and social media to help create an experience that reflects the couple’s personalities and values.

Some of the trends we expect to see in the coming year include:

  • 2019 brides will be more likely to wear dresses with geometric patterns and shapes with splashes of accent colours as opposed to floral lace and sweetheart necklines. The bridal jumpsuit is also becoming a popular choice for more casual, smaller weddings and a fun option for rehearsal dinners or other celebrations leading up to the big day.
  • The increased use of social media to announce the pending “I do’s”.
  • Using an array of online planning tools to search for vendors, décor inspiration and potential venue locations.
  • Technology, technology and more technology will continue to play an increasing role in streamlining the wedding process. From emailing save-the-date announcements, creating a wedding website or special wedding hashtag, technology has become “Mother’s Little Helper” when it comes to planning a wedding. Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are now a staple for wedding ideas and suggestions.
  • We will see more online invitations than paper requests due to convenience, affordability and market acceptance – not to mention the eco-friendly nature of an electronic invitation.
  • 2019 will see a greater use of drones to capture different perspectives of the wedding day. The ability to catch that unique moment in a wedding video is now easier and more affordable. So, expect to see more drones at this year’s weddings.
  • Getting naked – the cake, not the couple.
  • This year both sides of the wedding party will be wearing different styles and pops of color.
  • Unplugged ceremonies will continue to increase in popularity. Expect more signs encouraging guests to put away their cell phones and celebrate the moment with the couple.
  • The types of food couples are choosing for their reception is becoming more personal and creative. While sit-down dinners will always be popular for formal or small gatherings, couples are getting more creative with the food they serve. So, expect to see themed food stations instead of one buffet. The same goes for unique drink and custom cocktails named in honor of the newlyweds. Such choices become even more personal if the food and drink have a special significance to the couple or their families.
  • Special entertainment (magician, mariachi band, aerialists, salsa dancers, a caricature artist, etc.)

So, as you start planning your wedding day and your future together, maybe it’s the perfect time to embrace some new wedding trends that are more personal, engaging and memorable for all.

About the Author: Jim Emerson

Jim has helped over 1,100 couples reduce the stress of creating their personal and unique wedding ceremony. He is a husband, father, friend, author, triathlete, handyman, teacher and passionate about his family and work. Jim can help you imagine, create and celebrate your dream wedding ceremony. Contact him today, he’d love to hear from you.