Authored by: Jim Emerson
January 28, 2011

Ways To Save Money for those Guests attending Your Wedding

Much has been written about how the Bride and Groom can save money on their wedding day. But how about your guests? How can you as the Bride and Groom, help them save some money when participating or attending your wedding? Here are some things to consider:

Choosing your Location: If you decide to get married on some romantic island, many of your friends and family may not be able to attend. When you factor in the cost of the airfare, hotels, etc., a destination wedding can be very expensive and a financial drain for some of your guests. So choose your location with care.

Formal Attire: Black tie affair for men is pricey. A lot of men don’t own tuxes but even for those who do, the time and money required to have them cleaned and possibly refitted can be pricy. For those who do not own a tux, having to rent one will be an unbudgeted expense. Most men however, do own a dark suit that will more than suffice.

Savings on Hotel Accommodations: If your guests are arriving from out of town, insure that you have rooms `reserved` at several different hotels in the area. This will make sure your guests will receive discounted room rates. Most hotels will also pass along other offers or savings to your guests which will be most definitely appreciated.

Wedding Party Overload: Being part of a friend`s wedding party is an honour and privilege, but it can also be tough on finances and time. Some of the obligations include:

• buying or renting the appropriate dress, tux or suit

• participating in the bachelorette party or bachelor stag;

• helping decorate the venue;

• purchasing a shower as well as a wedding gift;

• paying for extras like hair, makeup, a special tie and other accessories for the big day.

The list just goes on.

When you as the Bride and Groom are focused on keeping their wedding on budget, it is easy to forget about your guests. But if you keep your guests in mind during the planning process, everyone will benefit and everyone will enjoy your celebration.

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