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February 11, 2015

Valentine’s Day is so much more than a date on the calendar. It’s a time to express your unconditional love for one another and celebrate the life you share. But why should your choice to love one another be limited to one day, one week or even one month?

For couples about to be married, Valentine’s Day can set the tone for your relationship and mark the beginning of a lifelong adventure.

Here are some ways that will help you celebrate Valentine’s week;

  • Shower your partner with small gifts throughout the week prior to Valentine’s. It can be a small chocolate on the pillow every night for a week or a promise to put gas in her car during the winter months. Remember the best gifts are always the ones that make your partner feel special and appreciated.  
  • Send a card, or love letter. The act of expressing your love for one another on paper can heighten the romance. On days leading up to the 14th, place a card or letter somewhere you know your love will find it. If you are in a long-distance relationship or don’t live together, mail your partner a card or letter each day for seven days.
  • Make a commitment to do one thing together each day before Valentine’s. It doesn’t have to be romantic or expensive. Just being together, without the interruption of technology, is sometimes the best gift you can give one another.

Take the time to create a special moment, something that will be remembered for a lifetime. So during your Valentine week celebrations make your time together even more memorable by enjoy this “special time” with that “special someone” with those “special gifts”.

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