Authored by: Jim Emerson
October 25, 2011

In virtually every wedding album, photos of the bride holding a bouquet of flowers is featured front and centre

The selection of your flower bouquet is not a simple decision as there are as many different options as there are brides! The design of your wedding dress, the style of wedding, the season of the year as well as your budget will all influence your choice of bouquets. These days there are also so many various options to choose from!

Some brides look for alternatives to flesh flowers due to allergies, while others just want something unique, personal or non-perishable. Whatever your reason for selecting something other than a traditional fresh floral bouquet, there are many other beautiful options you may wish to consider.

Silk Flowers: The most common alternative to fresh blooms. If you had dismissed using silk flowers for your wedding bouquets, you might want to give them have a second thought.

  • Silk flowers are usually less expensive than the real deal;
  • you won’t have to worry about blossoms wilting;
  • conserving them won’t be difficult;
  • you can easily reuse them
  • they can be pre-arranged so you will know exactly what your bouquet will look like as you walk down the aisle,
  • and they are perfect for brides with allergies.

Some other interesting bouquets we have seen in recent years:
Paper bouquets come in a wide assortment of shapes and colors. You can buy finished bouquets or purchase individual blooms, then arrange them yourself.(They won’t wilt outdoors and are hypo-allergenic!) Fabric bouquets are a beautifully modest and unique touch and can be custom tailored to suit your wedding colours or style! Another intriguing choice is a selection of vintage brooch bouquets! Needless to say they have all the amazing qualities of the above selection of bouquets plus they add a dash of bling!

Maybe you would like to add an extremely unique twist to your bouquet and you may opt to carry a basket of flower petals. A variety of petals, either silk or fresh, are particularly beautiful for outdoor garden weddings.

For evening weddings outdoors, consider carrying a lit candle in a glass container. You can also line the aisle with candles or paper lanterns to light your way. Candles are a very elegant, sophisticated alternative to fresh flowers and everyone looks beautiful in candlelight!

Oftentimes brides also carry antique rosary beads that have been handed down through the generations.  Or a selection of feathers can be added to a bouquet, or become the bouquet!

Other alternatives to a floral wedding bouquet include a fur muff to keep your hands warm during your winter wedding; a parasol umbrella for those hot outdoor summer weddings, or even an elegant handbag.

Whatever you choose to carry down the aisle, make a statement by incorporating your personality and fashion sense into the style.

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