Authored by: Jim Emerson
July 31, 2011

All too often the Father-of-the-Groom (FOG) gets lost in the shuffle at one of the happiest times of his life – his son’s wedding. Naturally, the focus is on the Bride and Groom and the planning is well under control. But the FOG would still like to help out and be involved somehow.

Here are 10 ideas and areas where the knowledge and experience of the FOG could come in handy.

• Help the happy couple choose a venue and caterer. This is one of the biggest responsibilities and expenses for the couple and an area where the FOG’s experience would be appreciated.

• Review the traditional expenses that the groom’s family usually pays for. With the ever increasing costs associated with a wedding, most wedding expenses are now often shared between families.

• Share marriage advice openly with your son and don’t hesitate to ask him if he needs some help. After all, his is still your son.

• If tuxedos are being rented, offer to pick up the tuxes for all the groomsmen at the appropriate times.

• Attend any engagement parties or couple’s wedding showers as well as the rehearsal and reception dinner.

• Know where you need to be and when you need to be there – be it for the start of the ceremony or for the family photos.

• Share few moments alone with your son on the morning of his wedding. You won’t get another time like this again so tell him how proud you are of his decisions and of his new bride.

• If invited to get dressed with the groomsmen, arrive on time and don’t forget to bring some food for the guys.

• Don’t forget to sharpen your Tango moves so that you can share a dance or two with your new daughter-in-law at the reception.

• Most of all enjoy every minute of the day. You’ve earned it!

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