Authored by: Jim Emerson
July 26, 2010

There are so many decisions to make as you begin to plan your wedding celebration: the dress, the caterer, the flowers, the guest list, the honeymoon, and on and on.

It is becoming more popular to reach out to others and make your wedding a time for sharing and giving to those less fortunate. Incorporating any of the following ideas in your wedding celebrations will make the day more memorable for both yourself and your guests.

• For those couples who have everything to start their lives together, ask your guests to donate to a favorite charity. is an online Wedding Registry that has over 800,000 registered charities from which to choose. With an online form and search engine to help, even the most internet-challenged will find it easy to decide which charities to donate to.

• Wedding favors are lovely, but instead of a gift, consider donating a set amount to your favorite charity in the name of each guest.

• If you do decide to have favors, there are many options that still give back. You can give a “soon-to-be tree” to your wedding guests. A few options are or both of which can add some sort of personalized stamp or seal on the box containing the tree seed.

• If buying online is not an option, visit your local nursery and have them package up small seedlings for your special day. Not only are these favours good for the environment, but your guests will have a lasting memory of your wedding day.

• Even your left-overs can give back. You can bring happiness to the lives of others by donating left-over food to a local shelter. You can also consider donating your wedding flowers to a nursing home or a woman’s shelter.

• Not all women can afford a new wedding dress in which to get married. Therefore, consider donating your wedding dress to – a wonderful organization and a meaningful cause.

When all is said and done, your special day will be filled with fond memories. You can be thankful not only for what you have received but for what you were able to share with others. What a loving and caring way to start your new life together.

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