Authored by: Chris Perkins
December 24, 2017

Due to advancements in technology, apps and DJ software, nearly anyone can call themselves a professional DJ. But do you want just anyone spinning the tunes at your wedding? So, if you’re wondering if you should hire a professional DJ or settle for Spotify or a Craigslist enthusiast, consider the following:

1) You can count on a professional wedding DJ to be just that – professional. Be assured that they’ll dress appropriately, interact with you and your guests in a prompt, courteous and professional manner and won’t “take over the room”. A professional wedding DJ will have plans in place, even if an emergency arises, and won’t let you down on your Special Day.

2) A professional DJ has a virtually unlimited number of great tunes that will appeal to any diverse or eclectic group. More importantly, a professional wedding DJ has the experience to know when changes need to be made to make sure everyone is having a great time.

3) An experienced DJ, will have a quality sound system, with backup equipment just in case, to ensure that your music sounds just as you had hoped.

4) The person you choose and trust to select the music on your wedding day will have an enormous impact on your celebration. Over the years we have found that most guests don’t notice the flowers or remember the gold-leafed invitations. They do however, remember how much they danced and how much they enjoyed your reception.

5) Over their career, a professional wedding DJ will have garnered online reviews and a solid reputation. So, take the time to search out what couples have said about using the services of a professional DJ versus asking your uncle to handle the responsibility of creating the musical experience for your guests.

6) A professional wedding DJ will also keep your celebration flowing. They’ll make announcements, get your guest on the dance floor – keep them there.

However, if your budget is limited, make sure that your friend or “Craigslist amateur” offers some feedback and suggestions, sets up and tests the (rented?) equipment well before the start of your celebration. You just might find that the price difference isn’t worth the risk of having an empty dance floor or music that doesn’t reflect your personalities or vision you have for your reception.

On the surface, it may seem like a DJ is just a DJ. We have seen over the years however, that hiring a DJ for less, almost always means getting less – and a DJ for less is probably less of a DJ.

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About the Author: Chris Perkins

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