How To Create Your Wedding Masterpiece

Authored by: Olga Pankovaor
July 21, 2017

In the digital era of Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest there are many ways to record the emotions of your wedding day. In addition to the professional photographers and videographers, there are drones, Go Pros, and photo-booths, and of course the photo contributions from every family member and guest present at your wedding. A new twist on an old standard however, is beginning to trend at today’s modern wedding celebration – live event painting.

Live event painting provides a unique way to preserve the essence of your special day by capturing your wedding celebration on canvas – in real time. Over the course of the ceremony and reception you and your guests can watch, enjoy and relive the day’s events as they come to life through the eyes of a professional events artist. Your guests will be entertained as they watch the painting take shape and see themselves appear on the canvas or other medium. Each live event painting is a one-of-a-kind fine art portrait that will add that unique cutting-edge “Wow!” factor to your special event. It is designed to evoke the emotions you and your guests felt as it happened, during the wedding celebration or special event.

A live event artist will paint a portrait of the newlyweds, their guests, and other personal details the couple may wish included – such as their favourite pet or image of a deceased loved one. The artist will continue to work on the painting throughout the wedding and reception, in full view of guests. It is a unique form of entertainment for your guests, and an original work of art that recorded the magic and memories of a couple’s wedding celebration. Creating a priceless family heirloom that will be treasured, enjoyed and cherished for generations.

What more memorable wedding gift to a couple than an original work of art that will be proudly displayed in their home. One that reminds them, and their visitors, of the day when two people committed to love one another unconditionally, and to share the future together.

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About the Author: Olga Pankovaor

Olga is a sought-after artist, specializing in LIVE wedding and event painting in and around the GTA. Olga brings a lifetime of experience as an portraitist and fine artist. You can visit some of Olga’s work at on Facebook (@Live Event Artist – Olga Pankovaor), or LinkedIn