Confessions of a Wedding Photographer

Authored by: Calin Ardeleanu
April 4, 2016

There are many hobbyists in the wedding industry with expensive photographic equipment and aspirations of becoming a professional wedding photographer. Yes, some are extremely talented, but very few become successful. The oversupply of these so called “professional wedding photographers” and the proliferation of social media has reduced photography to a commodity where couples focus solely on price almost to the exclusion of quality, creativity and service. Great photography however, is not a commodity. It is an art form that must be nurtured and developed over time.

So consider the following before hiring your wedding photographer.

Anyone can call themselves a wedding photographer. Although the industry is not regulated, there are several recognized associations such as Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada, Fearless Photographers, WPPI, PPA, etc. To be a member of the above-mentioned entities, one must be a full time photographer. So before you hire your wedding photographer see if they are a member of an accredited professional association.

Not all “Awards” are created equal. Some publications hold periodic contests where a photographer who advertise in the magazine can receive an “award” relatively easy. There is no limit on the number of “photographers” who are granted these “awards”. Again do your due diligence and check the photographer’s credentials before you sign on the dotted line with an “Award Winning Photographer”. You may regret it later.

Equipment fails…does your photographer have a backup? Over the years I have experienced equipment troubles and like the SEALS say, “two is one and one is none.” Do yourself a favour and make sure your photographer has a backup camera, lens, flash, cards…the whole nine yards!

Some photographers double book dates. In an industry as large as the wedding industry, there are bound to be some individuals that give photographers a bad name. Unfortunately, it happens that some photographers book a date and if a more lucrative inquiry is received, the photographer cancels on the original client. Incredible as this sounds, it happens too frequently.

Not all your photos will look like the ones on your photographer’s website. Photos that are submitted to competitions or included in featured blog articles traditionally require hours of processing. Most busy wedding photographers however, don’t have the time to enhance hundreds of photos taken over the course of every wedding they shoot. To address this challenge, photographers select a limited number of photos that are carefully processed, but the majority of your photos are merely color corrected or filtered.

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About the Author: Calin Ardeleanu

Calin is a Professional Wedding Photographers of Canada (PWPC) national award winning Toronto wedding photographer and judge in the upcoming PWPC 2016 Spring Competition.  View some of his photos at or on Facebook 

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