Wine Not?

Authored by: Kelly Peister
March 18, 2014

In Uncork Your Personalities! we discussed some of the advantages of serving your own wine at your wedding reception. But there are other factors you need to investigate before you kick off your shoes and step into the wine vat.

The first thing you need to discover is whether it is legal to serve your own wine at your reception. Some regions do not allow homemade wine to be served at public venues. However, it does allow you to serve your wine at a reception in your own home – if the wine is made by a member of the family hosting the reception.

Liquor laws are different in every jurisdiction so check the requirements before you begin. A SOP (Special Occasion Permit) is necessary  any time liquor is served anywhere other than in a licensed establishment or a private office or residence.

Your venue may not allow you to bring your own alcohol, so be sure to check with your event coordinator beforehand. Most venues do not like the idea of you bringing your own alcohol, as the profit from the consumption of wine at your reception contributes significantly to the venue’s profitability of your wedding.

Before you begin, it is important to know how long it will take to make the wines you have selected, and how long they should be aged before they’re ready to be enjoyed. It is usually recommended that you start the fermenting process about 6 months before your wedding date to ensure that your wine has enough time to age in the bottle. Most wines, just like your marriage, will improve and become even better over time.

Serving your own wine at your reception can be an enjoyable and memorable part of your wedding celebration. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have an opportunity to showcase your unique personalities through the label, bottle and selections you offer your guests. But do your homework before you begin, to ensure that the wine at your reception doesn’t turn out to be the one sour note on the wedding day.

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About the Author: Kelly Peister

Kelly has been a devoted wine maker for years and is the owner Wine Kitz in Waterloo. Through her passion, Kelly developed a desire to educate people to the world of wine making. Kelly is committed to making your wine making experience an exciting, educational and rewarding process. She loves to combine her passion for wine making with her love of cooking.

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