Please join us at our wedding, but please don’t…

Authored by: Rinette Emerson
May 31, 2013

Our previous blogs have been directed to assist brides and grooms from potentially costly and embarrassing mistakes. Now it’s time to pass on some advice to wedding guests.

Don’t wait to RSVP.  If you know from the get-go that you will be at the wedding, remove some stress from the bride and let her know right away. If you can’t make it, she will be disappointed but will appreciate your prompt reply.  

Don’t block the photographer/videographer. Remember that the bride and groom hired a professional to capture their “Special Moments” so stay out of the way and let them do their job. If you want to take photos, do so from your seat, rather than the middle of the aisle.

Don’t use your cell phone in the middle of the ceremony to check Facebook, send a tweet or check the score. Be respectful and stay off your cell phone and only use it discreetly so as not to appear bored or uninterested.

Don’t give an unexpected toast.  Weddings are emotional events, and the toasts are an opportunity for your friends and family to share their feelings. Those emotions, combined with a little too much alcohol, can do funny things to some guests. So resist your desire to grab the mic to share an embarrassing story, anecdote, rant or song when you weren’t asked to toast.

Don’t show up late.  We have all been in situations when we have had to sneak into some event/presentation because we were late. A corporate presentation is one thing, but an invitation to your best friend’s wedding is entirely different.  Plan ahead to give yourself enough travel time, so you’re not walking down the aisle beside the bride and her father! 

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About the Author: Rinette Emerson

Prior to Enduring Promises, Rinette worked with clients on strategic communications, online development programs, corporate branding and helping clients “get found” online. After officiating her first wedding, many years ago, Rinette was hooked – and now she is a sought after wedding Officiant. A little-known fact about Rinette…she is an amazing artist! You can follow her on LinkedIn.


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Hong and Trinh

Good afternoon Jim,

On behalf of Hong and myself, we would like to thank you for making our wedding day so special and memorable.  Without your help and guidance throughout the whole process we would’ve been so overwhelm.  You made the whole experience both enjoyable and seem effortless. 

We would gladly recommend your service to anyone.

Once again, thank you for making our dream a reality. 


Hong and Trinh

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Ange and Yi

Thanks Jim (Giles),

We’ve forward a detailed review to Wedding Wire, but wanted to again thank you for a great ceremony.  

No improvements needed, you guys were perfect! We were really glad that you could Officiant our ceremony. Your calm and professional attitude helped settle our nerves and made our ceremony really sweet!


PS. I don’t know if you’ve heard this before, but Yi says you have a remarkable resemblance to Jack Nicholson when you smile – he’s a big Nicholson (and now Giles) fan! 🙂

Ange and Yi

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