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Authored by: Enduring Promises
February 27, 2013

The way couples are choosing to celebrate their wedding day is changing quickly and dramatically. Here are a few of trends we expect to see grow even more popular over the course of the year:

  • Technology will continue to increase its presence in the way couples share their Special Day with family and friends around the world. Live streaming will continue to grow in popularity. It’s a wonderful way to include guests who just can’t make it in person. Look for more couples to live stream their weddings once they know that it is a viable option. Online tools, apps and social media have empowered couples with a wide range of creative ideas and options that have not been available in the past. 
  • Receptions are becoming more fun with interactive games and entertainment. Couples are hiring everything from food trucks, to dance instructors, characture artists and magicians.  Food trucks offer every type of food you can imagine from gourmet hotdogs to homemade ice cream. It’s a fun way for your guests to enjoy a unique midnight snack that they will talk about at the next wedding they attend. 
  • The economy will play a larger role in the way couple plan for their big day and what they expect from their vendors. If the economy remains flat, we will see smaller and more intimate weddings as the focus will emphasize quality not quantity. 
  • DIY will continue to grow in popularity. Couples will choose projects that are more advanced skill wise than just making table centre pieces. In the past the focus has been on the cost savings of DIY projects. But with the growth of YouTube videos, couples are tackling more challenging and sophisticated projects to make their wedding more personal, unique and pocket-book friendly. 
  • Contemporary couples are focusing more and more on celebrating their special day, their way – without the “political white noise” which usually surrounds a wedding. Couples will choose to eliminate traditions, (i.e. a park celebration in lieu of a church ceremony, the white wedding gown without pockets, large wedding parties, etc.) for more simple and intimate gatherings, truly reflecting their personalities and desires.

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Esther and Andrew

Hi Jim,

Andy and I wanted to extend a HUGE thank you for helping us create a wonderful ceremony and for conducting it so beautifully. We had so much amazing feedback about how personal and original it was, and how ‘us’ the ceremony was. Thank you for letting us take it to a level we hadn’t even thought of beforehand! 

I will definitely be recommending you to any friends of mine in the future. I will also be writing a blog post about vendors shortly, so you and Enduring Promises will most definitely be mentioned there. I’m just finishing off my post about Sunnybrook first. 

All the very best, 

Esther and Andrew

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