The top 10 – Dave, are you Kidding?

Authored by: Jim Emerson
September 27, 2012

It’s your wedding day and no bride can remember the “top ten” things she is supposed to do on the most joyous, yet potentially stressful, day of her life. So here are two things that you want to remember on your special day:

Ceremony Detail. Personal items brought into the ceremony can make all the difference, so make sure they are not left at home.

These may include: your wedding bands, the ring bearer’s pillow, the flower girl baskets, unity or memorial candles (and matches), and a copy of the vows (in a font large enough to read; written on cue cards – they look better in the photos and are a great keepsake); and of course your marriage license. This is by far the most forgotten item on a wedding day. Assign the Best Man or a family member to ensure that your marriage license arrives at your venue.

Smile and Enjoy.  All the people you love, and who love you, are together with one purpose – to celebrate with you. There are going to be hundreds of photos taken of you and your husband, so enjoy it. Smile, take a deep breath, and remember to laugh. You’ve worked hard and done everything you can do, now sit back, kiss your hubby, and update your Facebook status!

Your wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration and it will be over in a flash. So savor every moment. Don’t let the crying baby or obnoxious uncle get under your skin.  After all, if you missed anything, don’t worry if something “goes wrong” – you and your husband will be able to watch the bloopers on You Tube!  

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