Streaming your Ceremony? Of Course!

Authored by: Jim Emerson
November 25, 2011

You are off on a destination wedding, but unfortunately many of your family and friends can’t join you. To address this, an increasing number of couples who want to share their special moment, are choosing to stream their ceremony online to anywhere in the world.  

Your wedding ceremony can be streamed live to anyone (pc, mac, mobile devices, Internet connected tv’s, etc.) as long as they have an Internet connection. More and more venues and wedding professionals are making webcams readily available for the specific purpose of live streaming your wedding ceremony.  Once you authorize the use of the webcam, you’re ready to go. This is definitely the easiest option, but not very helpful if your venue doesn’t offer this service or your budget has already been stretched to its limit.

You can ask one of your techno-savvy friends to “direct” your online ceremony. Just as you might have a friend videotape your wedding. Ask a friend to stream it via a webcam. But for a truly successful and enjoyable live stream, you need to consider all of the components – not just the equipment.  For example, viewers in Asia or India watching a live stream should enjoy the same experience as those guests present in the room. So what happens if “a guest” is having trouble viewing the webcast – do you really want these viewers to contact you during the ceremony?

For online streaming to work successfully you need to do your homework and have all the pieces of the puzzle in place before you “go live”. But yes, you can live stream your ceremony to family and friends back home and an increasing number of couples are seamlessly merging modern technology with wedding tradition. There is lots of information and companies available on the Internet to help you with your decision.

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Bridal Show 101

November 16, 2011

It’s that time of the year, when Bridal shows seem to occur on a weekly basis. Some expos can offer wonderfully new and creative ideas for your special day while others can be a colossal waste of time. Here are some suggestions which will help make bridal events more enjoyable and productive for you:

Once you have identified the show (or shows) you wish to attend in your area, plan to make a day of it. Since bridal shows are usually held in large conference centres, wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for lots and lots and lots… of walking and standing. And don’t forget to bring along your favourite snacks!

Take a friend. Your mother, maid of honor, or a bridesmaid are all good to take along as sounding boards but if you can entice your fiancé away from “the game”, there is no better choice. Don’t take your entire bridal party as the variety of opinions and suggestions may be more hassle than help.

Don’t forget to bring a notebook and pen to jot down any ideas that may be perfect for your wedding celebration. Record your notes about a particular vendor on the back of their business card or flyer.

Take your camera. If you see something you really like, most vendors will encourage you to snap a photo or two. If however, they object to you taking photos, maybe you should choose another supplier. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Sign up for all the free drawings and favours…you just never know! You can opt out of receiving all vendor promotional material once you have finalized your vendor list. It will be easier and quicker if you took preprinted labels with your name and address instead of handwriting all those drawing cards.

Be cautious about buying or making final decisions at the show. Gather business cards and brochures from the vendors you like and make your decision at home, away from the excitement and fever of the show. Spend a few minutes speaking with the vendor, especially if they seem accommodating and professional, but resist the urge to “sign on the bottom line” at the show.

In the quiet of your home, with your fiancée and a glass of wine close at hand, sort through the flyers, brochures, cards, and your notes. Toss out any information you don’t need, and start comparing the services, ideas and costs of the various vendors you met.

Bridal shows are an exciting and productive part of the wedding planning process…if you’re prepared. 

Follow along at our blog.  We post lots of content that will help you create your perfect, hopefully stress-free, wedding day.

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Michael and Lise

Happy Friday Jim

Lise and I both wanted to say thanks once again for the job you did in Officiating our wedding ceremony.   Every aspect of the ceremony went off without a hitch.   We were both so pleased with everything from start to finish. 

We’ve received numerous compliments from both friends and family about how well planned out and how well the ceremony flowed. Many guests came up to Lise and I to say how impressed they were with the job you did, including my 91 year old Grandmother – who isn’t the easiest person in the world to please. lol…..

You went above and beyond the call of duty for the day.   I really appreciated the extra touch of running through all the ceremony – again – with myself, my best man and groomsmen before the ceremony. I know David was very impressed with the attention to detail and mentioned to me it made a huge difference in him remembering everything on cue.   It was a huge help to all of us. I know Lise and her maid of honour and bridesmaids felt the same way. The day was so special that now two weeks later, Lise and I are still remembering all the joy, laughter and love we all felt on November 11 2011. We will never forget it.

The ceremony template was very user friendly and extremely helpful.  Both Lise and I had no issues with it.  It was well done and proved to be very useful in helping us create our personal ceremony.

From day one, Enduring Promises was prompt and customer service oriented.   The reason we decided on using you and Enduring Promises was based on the customer service we felt from you at our first meeting. 

I would recommend you to other family and friends planning their wedding based on customer service and most the importantly the end result of having such a memorable and personal ceremony.

Thanks again Jim for everything!

Michael and Lise

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Heather and Hildo

Dear Jim, 

Hildo and I wish to extend our thanks and appreciation for your time, efforts and interest in our ceremony. Out of all the aspects of it, I truly felt I received the most value from you and your support. It was not the flowers, the dress, the dinner or even the music… (That was a second best, however)….It was your sincere input and continual guidance that truly made our entire ceremony something so meaningful for us. That is the main point anyway!  

We appreciated all your organizational support in directing our guests before and after! Boy, without you I don’t know what could have happened. And it is indeed funny how things work out as I never thought I would be holding up the ceremony and starting at almost 5 p.m.! 

We really cannot say more….and words do not seem sufficient. So please accept this as our sincere appreciation of you and your services.

Let us keep in touch, Jim…for we found a friend in you as well and a very good guide along our journey.

Heather and Hildo

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Corinne and Brian

Good morning Jim

You definitely met all of our expectations! Our ceremony was everything we imagined it to be and the guests really enjoyed themselves as well. Numerous people came up to us afterwards to tell us how great the ceremony was. It was short, sweet, and heartfelt. We both believe that it reflected our personalities and relationship.

The template was extremely helpful to us as we both have busy schedules so it was really nice to be able to complete the ceremony online when it suited our schedules. 

Enduring Promises was always very responsive when we had a question! Overall, it was a very pleasant experience! Thanks again!

Corinne and Brian

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